Pineapple and Cucumber Juice, Choice of Drink to increase Endurance

The number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia is still increasing in Indonesia. We have to keep the immune system under control. There are many ways to increase endurance. Including eating fruits, vegetables and herbs and vitamins. And antioxidants, minerals and whatnot.


I tried juicing with ingredients that would increase endurance. I've never had this drink before. This turned out to be very good and tasty. Before I tell you how to make this juice, I want to tell you about the benefits of the ingredients I make juice. Here are the benefits:



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Lime has a high enough vitamin C. You need to know, vitamin C contained in limes boosts the immune system. In a 2018 study, vitamin C can help produce white blood cells. And can help protect the body from infection and disease. In the same study, when humans consume limes, the content contained in limes can prevent colds and promote healing of inflammation.


Lime is a great source of antioxidants that can strengthen your immunity. In addition, lime helps stimulate the digestive system by breaking down food macromolecules. The acid content in lime has benefits for cleaning the body's waste disposal system. The fiber in limes can help relieve constipation.


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It is one of the most tropical fruits in Indonesia. Pineapples have many benefits to our bodies. One is the battle against aging and can increase our resistance. Pineapples have an excellent vitamin c for boosting our bodies. It also has very high antioxidants that are good for the body. The antioxidant content of the pineapple increases overall skin texture. And it can actually form collagen in our skin.


In addition, pineapple can also overcome digestive problems. Pineapple has a bromelain component which breaks down protein more quickly. So it actually speeds up the digestive process. If you experience constipation and bloating, you can consume pineapple to overcome these problems.


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In Indonesia, cucumbers are often turned into extra food. However, there are many benefits from the cucumber. One of them helps with dehydration. In one study, we need to drink six glasses a day. If you eat cucumbers, they can prevent dehydration. Additionally, the cucumber can keep its weight steady. And helps to lose weight.


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Ginger is a Southeast Asian plant. For the people of Indonesia, it is easy to get it. Ginger is also one of the healthiest spices in the world. So, there are a lot of people from outside Asia who want it. One of the benefits of ginger is that it can help reduce pain during menstruation. If you experience menstrual pain, you can try eating ginger.


Besides reducing menstrual aches, ginger also has vitamins c and magnesium. These deposits can strengthen the immune system. Ginger also has ginerrols, shogaols and zingerones that can serve as antioxidants to our bodies.


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How to Cook

  1. A quarter of a pineapple
  2. A cucumber
  3. Lime, to taste
  4. Ginger, to taste


Picture By Nurdiani Latufah

1#. Wash all the ingredients to be used. Then cut through the ingredients to be used.

2#. I use a portable blender to make juice. It's very simple and cheap

3#. Put all the stuff in the blender. I got 10 minutes to make this juice.

4#. This drink is very good. You could try it at home. Like, I'll make this juice every day


Picture By Nurdiani Latufah

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