Don't be afraid of normalcy.

Don't be afraid of normalcy.

Let's see, first I do not want to underestimate the severity of the pandemic, the virus is there and it is dangerous and I believe that the measures that have been taken, however ineffective they have been, such as the Peruvian case, have been better than not taking any action. ; second, it is certainly not a medical opinion, this is a simple opinion of mine in the field of philosophy and sociology, which must also be said directly has a lot to do with this problem, a biologist can work on the development of new treatments against the virus, medical personnel can work to care for the infected patient, but sociologists, economists and politicians are also important because they have to see how society is going to be configured so that another pandemic does not affect us in the same way This has affected us, since Covid-19 will not be the last or most deadly pandemic that we are going to experience, since before there have been and will continue to be in the future more deadly and more contagious pandemics than Covid-19.

Third, the following reflection is made in the context in which the government, together with its specialists, have concluded that the risk of contagion has largely lowered enough to make certain emergency measures more flexible, therefore, I am not Encouraging people to leave their homes and the restrictions are still in place, on the contrary, if there is a restriction for you to leave the house, then stay at home, as I have done, who disagreed with 90% of the measures adopted and yet I have fully complied with them, point by point, so that the objective of this reflection is only to give you my point of view about why you don't have to be afraid to make your life a Once it is lifted in certain emergency measures, such as compulsory quarantine, total immobility, transport restrictions, closing of shopping centers, restaurants, etc.

In logic there is a fallacy called the negation of the antecedent and this consists of linking a fact to a consequence, so that the consequence appears necessarily must have been a product of the previous fact, in other words if after A occurs B when not occur B is because A did not happen either, as if it had always been a consequence of A, sometimes it could be logical but most of the time it could also give you absurd and funny understandings as if I fall in the pool I get wet in such a way that if I am dry it is because I do not fall in the pool, if I study for the exam it will go well and how it went well then it is because I studied for the exam or in this case if I go out on the street I am infected, therefore, if I stay At home I was not contagious, the problem of these fallacies is that in all three cases a bivalent logic is used where each thing produces a single effect and therefore it is understood that one is necessarily dry for not falling into the pool, which necessarily Before you study and approve and that necessarily, if you do not leave you do not catch it, although it is certainly the reality that tells us that there are many more consequences and many more antecedents than those that this way of thinking tries.

The way in which society in general has learned to live with viruses and bacteria more dangerous than Covid-19 is not necessarily to vaccinate everyone, to be vaccinated against certain diseases that we have studied is important, it is important, if and if there are an outbreak or there is a risk of disease, people have to be vaccinated, but the underlying problem is that we have become accustomed only to understanding health actively, ignoring that health ends has a passive form, that is, health they are not only medicines, it is a surgical intervention, it is an office, it is a doctor, they are injections, they are also pills, it has to do with another more important dimension that is Prevention, living without mistreating, eating healthy, not stressing, keeping distance from other people , do not travel so much on public transport that at the same time every day, have ventilated environments and if you are sick seek a work permit to stay at home, frequent more parks exercise outdoors, which strengthens and strengthens the immune system, which is the most effective protection we have against possible infections, but no, now the tortilla has been turned around and after the emergency that should be understood only as a state of exception, we deny the possibility of adopting by other means to lead a healthy life and therefore right now it seems to us that the only way to be well, is that, staying at home, not going out , wearing a mask all the time, bathing in medicinal alcohol, not seeing family friends, not going out for coffee, ultimately living in a fish tank, if it turns out that we have been confined for a long time, to the point that now many people it is difficult for them to imagine outside of there, like the prisoners in Plato's cave.

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