Unorthodox Arepas, Aloe Drinks, Key Lime Pie, A Rambutan Reasoning, Carrot Creativity, & Much More!!


@JustinParke here with another Plant Power curation containing some exciting news, and featuring a selection of delicious #plantbased creations and more to share with all of you.


Thursdays Are Busy & Hungry

     Thursdays are always busy days for me because I publish both the Plant Power Curation and the Plant Power Weekly Cooking Challenge via our sister @LotusShares account, on these days. I don't mind being busy though, but it is strange looking at so many delicious plates when I myself have no time to cook. Luckily my household has two chefs, so @Sreypov takes care of the cooking every Thursday.

     It seems you chefs keep upping the bar every week, and I applaud your efforts while apologizing if any quality recipes fall through the cracks on my watch. I give thanks to all of you talented chefs from here in tropical Suriname.

Congratulations @Lizelle

     This chef's Lentil & Brown Rice Pomegranate Jewels Salad was the winner of our @LotusShares Plant Power Cooking Challenge - Week 2. This challenge is a lot of fun, and there are several main ingredients to choose from each week, making it easy for everyone to join in, whether you follow a strictly #plantbased diet or not. Come have a look at the new challenge and featured ingredients.

Plant Power Cooking Challenge - Week #3



     Onward to this week's Plant Power curation, and we even have a video this week from none other than the @KidSisters. From arepas to aloe drinks, and a cashew-less key lime pie to a little carrot creativity, I was uplifted by the diversity of #plantbased posts this week.

     I chose @auelitairene as the winner of this week's 5% beneficiary, for her appetizing unorthodox arepas!!


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Arepas: Breakfast of the gods (Part #2) [Esp-Eng]

by: @auelitairene

     When I saw this post I had flashbacks of my brief time living in Quito, Ecuador, where arepas quickly became a staple vegan food for us. Compared to the recipe in this post, I think our Ecuadorian arepas were quite boring and plain. I would've loved to have seen these arepas on a restaurant menu, which featuring zucchini and pumpkin, and look delicious.



Aloe Vera Nourishing Drink 🍺 (Esp / Eng)

by: @maria-j

     My family and I love aloe vera juice, and our homemade preparation involves cooking the aloe vera cubes with a little bit of sugar and some water, then pouting that into a pitcher of ice cold water. This preparation is raw and uncooked without any sweetener. I am very curious how it might taste.



Raw Vegan Key Lime Pie Recipe

by: @ultravioletmag

     Accustomed to seeing softened cashews used as the base of most vegan cheesecake style treats, I was surprised to see this key lime pie had no cashews at all. Instead, coconut cream is taken to the point of near-freezing or freezing, and in this state, it's a solid, so you better eat this dessert quickly before it reaches room temperature. What a tasty and creative dessert.



A Rambutan Reasoning With Monkey-B 🤣 Lots of Laughs Within

by: @kidsisters

     Okay, I must admit this is my daughter Monkey-B, and I try to specifically try not to curate my own family members' posts, but this one is just too good. Monkey-B is a natural on camera, and shares lots of rambutan knowledge and some epic rambutan stories from her past. You must see this video if you enjoy a good laugh.



Carrots Carrots Carrots - What to do with these carrots?

by: @carolynstahl

     What would you do if a massive bag of carrots found its way into your home and you had limited time to make use of them? No fear, this creative Canadian carrot cook compiled several carrot-based culinary creations she made after she found herself with a heap of free carrots already sprouting and about to spoil. That's all the letter c's I got, so go have a look at this post, Doc!


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