Sunshine In A Bowl, Stir-Fried Green Papaya, Caesar Salad, Edible Flowers, Foraging, & More!!


Greetings all, @JustinParke here with another Plant Power curation, featuring a selection of delicious #plantbased recipes and more to share with you all.

🌧️ Spring Is Coming 💐

     Although unintentional, this is the first dessert-free Plant Power curation in a long time. Of course that doesn't mean I didn't find anything delicious to share with you all. I found sunshine in a bowl, things foraged, and things purchased, but all are delicious #plantbased creations.

     For those in more extreme latitudes, spring is starting to take hold, so many of us are finding new seasonal fruits and vegetables available, and that means more new and different recipes. Here in Suriname I've been getting a little braver with my foraging, as I see so much going to waste on private property.

     The winner of this week's beneficiary is @restcity, for putting much effort into an informative post I feel is undervalued.

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🌿🧄 Stir Fried Papaya & Lemongrass With Tempeh 🌶️ An Ital Khmer-ibbean Recipe

by: @sreypov

     Cambodians love unripe fruits and vegetables, and papaya is something that rarely stays on the tree long enough to get ripe. Why? Because it's too delicious green, especially in papaya salad.

     Green papaya is also delicious cooked, and this chef shows us just how delicious it can be with this simple but tasty stir-fry. Although she can't find many ingredients she used to use in Cambodia, she still makes delicious food in Suriname, where tempeh is plentiful.



Serving Up Sunshine in a Bowl

by: @plantstoplanks

     Sunshine is on the menu in the southern US, and the bounty of spring is beginning to appear in this chef's kitchen. In this post you'll discover a delicious nacho cheese sauce tastier and much healthier than the processed kinds you can find in the store, plus it's #plantbased of course.

     There's so much more in this post than just a recipe, but that is the norm for this chef, and I'm a sucker for a bit of a story. There are delicious salads, fresh mushrooms, and good vibes within, so give this post a visit.


Vegan Caesar Salad with Tempeh

by: @carolynstahl

     I've never had a vegan Caesar salad before, so this one really caught my attention. I did however, make massive batches of Caesar dressing at an Italian restaurant I used to work at many moons ago, and I can still remember the smell of those tins of anchovies.

     Needless to say, a more delicious #plantbased version of this salad which generally contains raw eggs and anchovies, is definitely up my alley. Cashews and nutritional yeast is what makes things pop in the dressing, and the salad is a perfect partner. I want this on my table now!


Top five flowers you eat in everyday life!

by: @restcity

     As a habitual flower eater, I wasn't gonna pass this post up without investigation. Although the flowers I eat most are pumpkin, roselle and water hyacinth, I am not your average run-of-the-mill flower eater. This post is educational, and you'll learn some things you don't traditionally think of as flowers, actually are flowers.

     The obvious one is in the above photo, but there are a few surprises within you'll have to read to find out. There is also some health and nutritional facts about these edible flowers within.


Spiced-Roasted Pumpkin with Coconut Yogurt

by: @anggreklestari

     This one is beautiful and delicious, and it makes me realize that our chefs are not only talented in the kitchen, but also talented photographers. I generally prefer pumpkin flowers and stems over actual pumpkins, but that is only because our former landlord used to give us a pumpkin nearly every day, so we became quite tired of it.

     This recipe saves the day, and certainly makes pumpkin look delicious again, and if I had an oven to roast vegetables, I'd be making this recipe ASAP! It's all about textures with this dish, and I would really enjoy the smoky roasted flavor of the pumpkin along with the vegetable stir-fry she prepared.


My First Forage of 2021 - The Mighty Chickweed!

by: @owasco

     This fellow foraging friend found some chickweed where else other than her own house, which is a lot easier than going to the store. It's so important to know what wild edibles are growing in our area, and even more important is knowing how to prepare them. Chickweed is quite easy to identify and prepare, and she proves that with this post.

     Chickweed is said to be good for inflammation, so the recipe she prepared with this foraged find was actually intended as a bit of a medicinal meal for her dog who is suffering from an inflammatory condition. This meal did turn out to be for both human and canine alike in the end.

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