Something a Little Different: Choose Your Own Posting Adventure - WIN HIVE & LOTUS TOKENS!

For the rest of November, we're holding a little bit of a different Natural Medicine Challenge. This time, we have THREE different ideas to choose from. Answer one or answer three - or even answer them both a few times, we don't mind! We're hoping there will be something in it for everyone.


We'll be announcing prizes (around 100 HIVE's worth, PLUS Lotus tokens!) in the first week of December, but we'll also:

  • reblog great content
  • tweet great content
  • offer tips and upvotes
  • submit great content to OCD for extra rewards!
  • celebrating your work in curation posts with possible beneficiaries set for awesome content
Herbal Survival OptionWell Being Quote OptionLazurus Challenge
If you could choose any three (3) herbal medicines to bring with you during a crisis, what would they be? Even if you don't know, you can certainly do the research and explain your decisions. Alternatively, make your own first aid salve and explain the process.Use a quote as a basis for reflection eg 'Loneliness is what happens when you are alone, not what you feel when you cannot be with yourself' - Osho. What does this quote mean to you, and how has it changed your life/what could we learn from it? This could also be the basis for a #mentalhealthawareness post and earning a new start for your @hivebuzz badge!Bring back another user's #naturalmedicine post 'from the dead'. Review it, and/or explain what you learnt from it. You could even replicate a user's healthy recipe, make their herbal concoction, challenge their thinking, celebrate their work or expand on their ideas. Set this author a beneficiary that you can afford as a way of thanking them.

Thankyou to @drrune, @alchemage and @miriannalis for inspiration for this challenge - you've all been set part beneficiary on this post. Thanks for being active participants in our beautiful community!


Each entry is charged 50 LOTUS. Why? It helps support the LOTUS economy and prevents 'easy' entries that might not be well thought out. We've dropped the fee because LOTUS IS GOING UP, babbbyyyy! We're making some adjustments to our tokeneconomics - more on this later!

How? Too easy! Simply log into with your HIVE posting key and go to your wallet. Transfer 50 LOTUS to the account @naturalmedicine. We'll be using these funds to invigorate the LOTUS MARKET so your LOTUS will be worth MORE - we hope!

Have fun, and DON'T FORGET to post your the link to your entry as a comment below!

Make sure your content is original, and post in the Natural Medicine community. We won't penalise you if you don't, but we do appreciate you doing so. A reblog is also very appreciated!

Much lotus love!


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