Not Sure What to Write About for A Natural Medicine Blog Post?

Some people on HIVE would LOVE to write a #naturalmedicine post, but are not sure if we'd accept it. Thus, the curators have got together to give you a whole heap of inspiration for post ideas that are perfectly awesome under the natural medicine tag! We hope it helps!


Herbs, Plants, Cannabis, Foraging & Wildcrafting

  • What herb do you grow in your garden for medicinal purposes and why?
  • Share your journey to healing through the use of CBD oils
  • Detail how to make a herbal medicine from a plant eg rosehip syrup, a fire cider, oxymel, healing balm, oil etc
  • What is the scientific research behind 'x' plant?
  • Describe the use of a plant used in a spiritual ritual
  • What herbs address stress, hormones, the liver, the heart or any other particular organ or response?
  • What cultural concerns might surround the use of a particular plant?
  • Describe your foraging experience this week
  • What wild food recipes can you share?
  • What is your favourite wild food?
  • Is wildcrafting always ethical?

Homesteading & Gardening

  • Have you ever used hugelkultur, permaculture, wicking beds or other alternative gardening methods that really work?
  • What alternatives can you use to commerical pesticides and herbicides that really work?
  • Detail what's happening in your organic garden this month
  • What alternative medicines or methods do you use to keep your livestock healthy?
  • How do you repurpose things around the homestead?
  • What methods do you use to preserve an abundant harvest?
  • How do you garden to suit your climate?
  • If you don't have a garden and instead grow in pots, either outdoors or indoors, tell us how you go about it
  • Share a recipe for a meal you made with your produce from the garden/homestead
  • What projects have you got going on your homestead or in the garden?

Mindfulness, Meditation, Self Help & Mental Health

  • What is your favourite mindfulness practice?
  • Record a yoga nidra or other meditative practice and upload to 3speak
  • Have you ever tried Emotional Freedom Tapping - does it work?
  • How can neuroscience inform meditative practices?
  • How might we practice self love?

Vegan, Plant Based & Conscious Eating

  • Which alternative milk is better for the planet?
  • Do keto diets really work, and how?
  • What's your favourite recipe book?
  • How might non meat eaters address a low iron issue?
  • If we really care about animals, would we eat meat or honey?
  • Do you have a tasty vegan recipe with step-by-step instructions and photos?
  • What are the reasons you have taken up a vegan/vegetarian/plantbased diet?
  • What are your favorite herbs and spices and how do you use them in your dishes?
  • How you do you veganize recipes that normally contain meat and what substitutes do you use?

Yoga, Dancing, Tai Chi & Other Moving Meditations/Therapies

  • What is your experience with a somatic art that connects mind and body?
  • What is the therapeutic benefit of art?
  • How might yoga help with trauma & PTSD?
  • What yoga poses are good for regulating hormones or addressing other body systems?
  • Anything on chakra systems, yoga philosophy and texts eg Bhagavid Gita, Patanjali.
  • Breakdown a pose or a sequence
  • Describe your personal experience in healing from your chosen movement

General Fitness & Health

  • What are your 'get fit' resolutions?
  • What health issues are you addressing in alternative ways?
  • How's your jogging plan going and are you noticing results?
  • How might exercise be good for mental health?

Thankyou to our dear curators @drrune, @trucklife-family, @minismallholding and @justinparke for your help on this post. You've all recieved a part beneficiary for your troubles. Thankyou for your patience in doing it twice as the first draft was lost - you are so appreciated!


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