Lotus Love Sunday Editorial - Stepping Into Someone Else's Shoes


Greetings all, @JustinParke here with an uplifting Lotus Love Sunday Editorial. I found several heartfelt and inspiring posts that gave me a look at the world through other Hiver's eyes, whether it be facing life's challenges or searching for creativity.


by: @josediccus

The Pressure That Comes With Expectancy; The Problems With Being A Superhuman (3Speak)

     This Hiver has learned many lessons in life, and he also has noticed the problems that placing big expectations on another can cause. He reminds us that we are only human, and we can't expect to be perfect or anything close to it. In acknowledging human imperfection, we can learn from our mistakes and being moving forward.


Reclaiming traditions that I thought were meaningless

     This post shows us how we grow as humans with time, and something that we once despised can be something we become indifferent to, and then later even enjoy a bit. So is the case with birthdays and this Hivers feelings about this manmade holiday.

     I could relate to alot of what was in this post, especially how seeing sometimes it's not always the the event organized or gifts given that make a birthday a memorable event, but the sincerity of the people carrying out these activities in our name.


Fungi Friday - No Morels Yet Just an Art Project

     Fungi, and specifically mushrooms, are a truly fascination lifeform, delicious to eat, beneficial to soils and facilitators of forest decomposition, I never really ever thought of them as potential art mediums.

     However, when looking at the world through this Hiver's lense, we see that some fungi are perfect candidates for art. You may not look at mushrooms the same after this post, and you might just decide to take a stab at your own fungi art.


Getting prepared for planting my seeds on the farm land

     Farming is not easy work no matter where in the world you're located, but farming by hand and/or with limited machine equipment is not for the faint of heart. However, the people who farm the land deserve our upmost respect and gratitude.

     Future plans for this land are planting corn, okra, and sweet potatoes. I grew up on a farm myself, and although we had a tractor, I have manually worked the land like this Hiver is doing, and I know the difficulty. Let's hope everything works out and this man gets to reap what he sows.


500.jpgby: @difo92

Extracting Rosin - Extrayendo Rosin

     With the legalization of marijuana came many commercialized and unnatural processes for extracting THC from cannabis flowers. Among the worst in my opinion is BHO, produced via butane, that's right butane. I think there's an obvious reason it's called BHO and not butane hash oil, cause nobody's gonna buy that right?

     Well, with a little bit of heat and pressure, you can produce your own all natural THC extracts. This one is a beautiful homemade piece making use of a hydraulic car jack, and I love the simple but effective style of this press.


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