Set a Good Example for my son: 21 to create a habit

Our habits are formed according to the situations we live in and external events, we are highly influenced by our friends, family and the environment in general. This is wonderful if the habits that we unconsciously copy are positive and help us improve our quality of life or achieve our goals, such as waking up early, being organized, eating healthy ... But this is often not the case. It is very easy to think that something is right if we see everyone doing the same. Especially if children are watching this behavior. If we see that everyone acts in the same way, we hardly question whether it is good or not. for example consuming sugar in large quantities, if our entire circle of friends and family consume it daily and it is the only thing we have seen since we were born, for us it is something "normal"


We don't stop to think about the price we have to pay for our bad habits until they come to charge us. We must take responsibility and analyze our habits before it is too late. When we begin to interact with other people we may realize that we are living a life that not everyone lives. I remember years ago in an English class, we were studying how to say quantities in English, and each student had to ask another: "How many tablespoons of sugar do you want in your orange juice?" and another student had to respond. We should have changed the question as all the students were surprised by the question. All responded: "You don't need add sugar to orange juice, it already contains a lot of sugar!!”

I lived in a reality where it was normal to add sugar to the juice, they did not. Many times we act by repeating patterns that we have learned, and our children copy our good or bad patterns.

Day 2

I think about this because I have started with the 21 day strategy to change habits. For now I have started with exercise. On my day 2, (01-12-2021) I did cardio. My son saw me and he got excited and decided to join, then we both finished exercising. I started to think about all the times that he has seen me spend hours sitting in front of the computer working and how the idea is forming in his mind that it is okay to have a sedentary life. When my son joined me to exercise I was happy, I began to think about my role as a mother and the example I set for him. So a new motivation emerged to make this my new lifestyle. Do it for my son, to teach him that we must treat our body with love and care. We must love ourselves.


Homemade weights

I exercised my arms. These are two homemade weights that I made myself, each weighing 400g. Exercising with weights is exhausting for me. I am not used to exercising my arms, I have to raise the weight of the weights little by little.

Day 3

On day 3 (01-13-2021) I did cardio, I did not enjoy it as much as the other days, I think I did not enjoy it at all. My body felt heavy and without strength. I know that all the time I will not feel like exercising but it is a commitment, right? So I did it anyway. I'm not going to lie, I was happy when I finally finished. My son also joined exercising, he was more excited than I was.
Every day I am more excited about the idea of joining a Gym, I do the math over and over again and I repeat myself, it is possible, it is possible. I will find the money.

I have been told that they see me better, but I do not buy these comments. Until the clothes I used to wear in 2018 don't start to fit, I can't believe I've improved. I still have a long way to go, but I am excited and happy about this new challenge that I have set for myself.

Thanks for reading me
Wish me luck.

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