We are consumed by the known OR we face the unknown = Our Options

This article is a follow-on from this article here.

Reality is a shifting/changing thing.

Like reality, your model of reality or your 'truth engine' must be alterable - otherwise you are no longer living in reality - you're living in an imposed static realm - an augmented reality via emotionally charged information - no tech required!

Possibly our addiction to these static imposed realms is linked to our fear of the unknown - simply because we want to see something in a particular way and we don't want it to change because if it were to change we would lose the definition of who we are.

It links back to the classic insecurity which governs much of human behaviour - fear of death. We cling to static versions of reality because we are afraid of death. We cling to a static version of the collectively agreed reality because we fear not knowing ourselves in a 'new world' in which 'I' becomes self-responsible.

We're afraid of the unknown. We're afraid of death.

And in our desperate struggle to survive, to maintain the identity we were, we attempt to force everything and everyone around us into a model of reality that is not 'reality as it is becoming.'

This is the process we are experiencing in this life at this time.

This mechanism of 'clinging' is utilized in modern propaganda to keep the collective in check. It gives safety blankets to maintain the illusion of continuity. I argue that the propagandists are not conscious that they follow a pattern that is identical to that of a struggling animal - in other words, their behaviour is also unconscious, as intricate as their mechanisms to retain dominance may appear. They also are afraid of the end - the end of their rule. The rise of decentralization. The rise of human need over corporate greed. The rise of a 'new world' as defined by a 'new people' that define themselves and don't accept a definition placed upon them by the collective.

The different or unusual beings doing different things from the collective see the difference between the collective reality and the real reality - the pressure of the collective is being used to pressure each individual into accepting a false reality - the illusion of sameness.

We are now having the classic battle of light versus dark - of consciousness versus ignorance.

We are consumed by the known and lose ourselves in the process OR we face the unknown and lose fear of losing ourselves - possibly to become something we have never known.

Those are our options.

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