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Hi everyone!

Finally, I am able to write an update on my container garden and at the same time am joining the Garden Journal Challenge for July. I wrote about my first container garden here. A lot has happened, I harvested all my lettuce but did not plant newbies because I travelled. I will soon start another batch probably next week.

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Status of the celery early June this year


This is going to be the first plant I will be sharing. I normally would just throw the celery base once I used all the stalks for cooking. But, once I saw years back that I can plant it anew, I have finally tried to do it this year. I first put the cut celery base in a glass of water. Two days after, new leaves were sprouting. So I decided to plant it in soil, that was first week of June. A month after I removed all the dried stalks and today, as you can see the stalks have grown longer now . So even if you just grow them in a pot, it is worth planting and feel good about your success.

one month after planting in pot



I bought this in a supermarket with the intention of using it as ingredient for my Pasta Asciutta/Spaghetti. But since I do not need that much leaves, I planted it in container and since then it has grown tremendously.




I bought this a week ago and it is my first time growing this after knowing that berries can also be grown in containers. The first young leaves came out as a surprise because I thought it will take time to grow. I assume that this will be growing like the raspberry newbie I brought along as an offspring from our former house (also planted in container). I think it will first grow fruit after two years.



Raspberry ...

The small offspring I brought along when we relocated. The old branch developed fruits and I was able to harvest around 9 berries. Actually, I had two raspberry offspring brought from our former house and one I gave to my new neighbor. Hers is still small because she didn´t transfer it in a bigger pot. I suspect that next year there will be more fruits to harvest. I am crossing my fingers. Lol!



Eggplant /Aubergine...

I have two and they are growing nicely... the only thing is it has been too hot the last two weeks that the flowers fell off. Maybe, I thought that the plants are still young ... But this one here is my hope because the petals are getting dry which means that maybe the fruit begins to grow now.



I have three plants, two are cherry tomatoes and the other one is called beefsteak tomatoes. The last time grew this was two years ago and the harvest had been plenty. The cherry tomatoes are still reconditioning because of the bad start in cold May. But I think they are doing better because more flowers are coming out now.





The only vegetable that I was not lucky had been the zucchini, it didn´t grow as what I had hoped for... So I think the setback had been the small container . The first time I grew this was in a barrel container and I let it have one fruit only and it grew as huge as the bottle of a two-liter Coke. Lol. I am hoping for many tomato harvest, wish me luck!


I am calling my friends @olivia08 @sarimanok @met2selah @jurich60 to come and join the Garden Journal Challenge here at the Natural Medicine Community. Thank you to the Natural Medicine team for initiating this challenge.

That´s all for now and I wish you all Happy Gardening!


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