I Visited an Organic And Eco-Friendly Shop For The First Time

The first time is always exciting!


Just like today, I was dying to get out of my room after getting the jab. I know that I actually had to wait for about 3 days but I just couldn’t wait. Since I don’t want the hassle of visiting the mall, I tried to find a place where I really wanna go. It was to this organic and eco-friendly shop called “peppermint”. I knew this place from an online ecommerce store and I checked online, they have a physical shop.

The physical shop is tiny. But this place has interesting snacks, powders, gluten free flours, various flours,milk, kombucha, even fresh vegetables. To shop in this store, they don’t provide a plastic bag. And for the weighted items, there are glass jars or paper bags that you can choose from with a price. You can also bring your own jars to the store. Thankfully, I already prepared to bring my own bag. These are some of their weighted displays that I managed to capture. They also have olive oils too.


Today was also my first day going out to the business district after a few months locked up inside my room. I got flustered and had a panic attack. It was discomforting because I am not used to being around strangers as often as before. So, it made it difficult to stay calm inside the store and actually pick something that I can consume. With my impaired decision making process, I ended up just getting peanut butter, chamomile, organic potato chips, maca powder, goji berries, and himalayan salt. And truthfully, I have no idea what I would do with them except for the organic potato chips that I finished after reaching my place.


The potato chips was amayzing. I never had a kettle cooked chips before so that one was my first. It was not oily and very crispy. The packaging had a sticker that basically said, it was made from recycled paper.

I already tasted the peanut butter which is vegan and has no added preservatives. The jar is quite luxurious and so was the taste. It was creamier and just way better than the regular peanut butter.


And the chamomile! I have been dying to get chamomile as it is now, my favorite tea before bed time. It helps me become a bit more relaxed and I love the smell. In the past, I kept buying from Starbucks. But now that I have it, I don’t really have to get it from there, I can make it myself.


I can’t wait to go back there again as today was just my first visit and trying to familiarize myself with the shop.Overall, I enjoyed going there and would love to visit the place more often while getting myself into a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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