Plant Power Cooking Challenge | Week #9 | Come Join Us!!

Greetings #plantbased chefs of the Hive-o-sphere, it's @JustinParke here with another Plant Power Cooking Challenge. @NaturalMedicine's Plant-Based Curator is none other than me, and this role gives me a chance to highlight some of Hive's most delicious creations. I give thanks for the opportunity to highlight and reward some of this blockchain's most delicious recipes. Week #9 is upon us, so keep scrolling my holistic homies.

Every Thursday is a new challenge and new ingredients, of which you may use one or more to make in your recipe submission. Not only is published from this account, but I also share the link within the Plant Power curation posted every Thursday via the main @NaturalMedicine account.



     I won't spill the beans so the easily, but let's say there's an ingredient this week those in the WeedCash.Network will be happy to see. Also, I included some things I hope will challenge all of you chefs and keep you on your toes.

     Chef @farmlife's puttu caught my attention with not only a delicious looking treat, but a really cool piece of simple technology the dish was cooked in. @sreypov pleased the eyes with a perfect pretty and pink dragonfruit jelly cake. Chef also @aswita impressed us with her bubur, featuring palm sugar, something from Cambodia I miss very much.

Delicious entries were also submitted by kyleana, chetanpadliya, and soychalbed. So many new faces join this challenge every week, and I am thankful to know so many talented chefs on this blockchain.

Congratulations @farmlife!! You are the winner of 25 LOTUS, 5 HIVE, and a 5% beneficiary of this post.


Plant Power Cooking Challenge
Week #8 Winner


Plant Power Cooking Challenge | Week #8 KERALA PUTTU

by: @farmlife


Week #9 Ingredients:

MARIJUANA (any form)
LEGUMES (any kind)

The Rules

  • You can create a dish with all three ingredients, or just one, or even two.
  • You can use any other ingredient you like, but one of the listed vegetables should be the feature of the dish.
  • You can use item(s) from the other column if you'd like to use a sweet in your savory or a savory in your sweet, but you must use at least one ingredient in the recommended flavor style.
  • No animal products can be used
  • Post in the Natural Medicine community and use any other tag such as #vegan, #plantbased, and #foodiesbeehive, as your secondary tags
  • Please drop the link below this post.
  • Also, don't forget the #naturalmedicine tag if you want to earn LOTUS.

The Prizes

  • Each week I'll choose a winner to be receive part post beneficiary of my curation posts.
  • You'll also win 25 LOTUS & 5 HIVE, courtesy of @NaturalMedicine and me @JustinParke.
  • If you'd like to sponsor this challenge, please drop a message below.
  • Great posts may get nominated for OCD support, reblogged, tweeted and even tipped!


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