LOTUS RECOMMENDS ISSUE #27: More about our mental health, lots of gardening and delicious recipes!

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This edition of Lotus Recommends is compiled by @pavanjr


This post is by @raymadesi, curated by @miriannalis

In this publication the author shows us a beautiful garden, full of greenery and wonderful plants for health, through the narrative and its images you can perceive a prosperous and abundant energy

#GARDENJOURNAL My Garden and Harvest of Natural Love | Mi Huerta y Cosecha de Amor Natural



The next post is by @perma.nature, curated by @gentleshaid

Infestation of tomatoes by stink bug. The writer wrote about his experience with some awesome images

Southern green stink bug invasion



The next post is by @galberto, curated by @sirenahippie

In this post the author shows us that there are plants that are very important to grow at home, as they provide us with a first aid kit, such is the case of Lippia alba, a plant that in Venezuela is known as Toronjil, but it has other names, such as Juan and Lama.

Juan y Lama(Lippia alba)una medicinal que todos los padres deberían tener en su hogar...



The next post is by @babeltrips curated by @sirenahippie

This is a beautiful writing on the kindness and gentleness of which every human being is deserving.

Why Bullying?



The next post is by @officialuroga, curated by @gentleshaid

Plant based cake. A simple but interesting cake recipe

Sesame, linseed and orange cake

Sesame, linseed and orange cake



The next post is by @officialuroga, curated by @gentleshaid

More and more people are getting suicidal by the day. The author share some tips on how one can help a friend that is feeling suicidal




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