LOTUS RECOMMENDS ISSUE #25: Gardening, Mental Health, Healthy Eating and Well-being

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This edition of Lotus Recommends is compiled by @sirenahippie


This post is by @kennyroy, curated by @sirenahippie

In this post, the author gives us valuable advice for the maintenance of our gardens, even against adverse weather conditions.

Cutting chili plants Body is to save the Plants!



The next post is by @kellyane, curated by @gentleshaid

In this post the author takes us for a walk during an unforgettable day outdoors. What a cool way to relieve stress!

Blog #34: The Unforgettable Day at Danasan Eco Adventure Park



The next post is by @paolazun, curated by @minismallholding

Not all days are the same, there are good days and less good days; which is why in times of crisis it's easy to forget to take care of yourself so this kind and beautiful reminder from @paolazun on how you can do this is perfect.

ENG - ESP Loving kindness to oneself in times of crisis



The next post is by @babeltrips curated by @sirenahippie

In this beautiful post, the author shows us how simple it is to have plants in our homes, plants that require very little care, and provide us with multiple benefits, such as the purification of interior spaces, balancing their energies and reminding us that we are part of a larger living being: MOTHER EARTH.

Five Best Indoor Plants In Your Home



The next post is by @officialuroga, curated by @gentleshaid

There are many myths regarding mental health, even in the XXI century there are many prejudices regarding this issue, which is basic for public health. In this post, the author talks about depression and suicidal ideation. A post driven by a real life event.




The next post is by @peacefulsoul, curated by @gentleshaid

Diets aimed at weight loss are very varied and sometimes become a fad. The hype about keto diet seems to have gone down due to some related health issue. In this post, @peacefulsou wrote about where people usually get it wrong.

Keto Diet - what we are doing wrong \ From my Experience



The next post is by @chocolatescorpi, curated by @gentleshaid

Food can help us to be healthy and feel great well-being. In this post, the author described how natural medicine can be used to make a tasty snack that is not only good for the heart, but for waistline and mental health.

Using natural medicine to create a very tasty snack- great for the heart. Great for the wasitline and even better for the mental health



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