LOTUS RECOMMENDS ISSUE #22: Spirituality, Meditation, Yoga, Natural Medicine, Gardening, Wellness and Mentalhealth

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This edition of Lotus Recommends is compiled by @sirenahippie


The nomination of the week goes to @mers who wins 1 HIVE for her work and was curated by @sirenahippie

In this beautiful post, with beautiful photographs, @mers shows us how you can take advantage of the smallest space to have your own garden, even without having land for it.

Joining The Garden Journal Challenge -What´s New In My Container Garden



The next post is by @graciadegenios, curated by @minismallholding

Many times it is easy to fall into the trap of blaming others for the events around you when things go wrong. The author works consciously to free herself from this trap and become the creator of her own reality; and this she does so gently, posing key questions to understand how each of us constructs our reality.

Learning to be the Creator of My Reality



The next post is by @ryzeonline, curated by @miriannalis

In this wonderful publication, the author shares valuable information about the use of mandalas, their importance as a tool for wellness and mental health and gives us a beautiful digital mandala sharing in detail his experience in making it in a pleasant reading.

Meditation, Mysteries, And Mandalas: Can This Symbol Heal You?



The next post is by @vicnzia, curated by @minismallholding

As the author continues this yoga with implements series, we are walked through the benefits of using a foam roller along with some lovely demonstrative photos of it in use during yoga class.

Parte III: Yoga con implementos: foam roller /Part III : Yoga with implements: foam roller



The next post is by @iamsmaller curated by @riverflows

Natural Medicine is an effective and kind alternative to our body. In this short but sweet post, the author show us on the benefits of cleavers for a spring cleanse.

Cleansing with Cleavers



The next post is by @sofs-su, curated by @gentleshaid

Cultivating the land brings many joys and great satisfactions; but it is also true that unpleasant problems can arise, such as pests. This is a good descriptive post about the good and bad sides of insects when it comes to gardening

Insects in the garden the good and the bad in macro



The next post is by @kellyane, curated by @gentleshaid

A really cool first person experience about how reading books can help get relief from anxiety.

15 Years Of Suffering From Anxiety | How Does Reading Books Help Me?



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