EXXP PLUG IN: Posting Straight from Your Blog to Hive & NaturalMedicine.io

Are you already a wellness blogger? Write articles about healthy food and recipes? Share yoga tutorials or guided meditations from your own site? If you are already set up on Wordpress and are interested in joining the growing crypto-blogging space, you are in luck! There is a plugin available called Exxp which allows you to cross post the content you create for your existing Wordpress site to the Hive blockchain, which is where the Natural Medicine community is based. By adjusting your tags, you can easily populate great natural medicine content not only to the community page on Hive, but it will also appear on our front end, naturalmedicine.io. Think of it like being able to share a post with one click from IG straight to FB or Twitter—except in this case it is from your Wordpress blog to Hive!


Why should I join Hive and Natural Medicine?

Besides increasing your visibility, if users on Hive enjoy your work they have the option to upvote your posts, giving you the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of HIVE, LOTUS or other tokens. You can also return the favor to other users and reward their content with votes, as well. Most part time bloggers don’t make much, if anything, from a traditional blog, so the possibility of earning rewards in the crypto space is an enticing one for many. Check out more on our welcome page to understand the monetization aspects of the blockchain.

How do I use Exxp?

For a great breakdown of how @exxp works, please see this brilliant post by @nickyhavey. He goes into full detail on how to install the plugin, set up your Hive account (if you don’t already have one) and then adjust your settings to post onto Hive. I remember when I first started blogging I had to copy and paste content that I wanted to show up both on my own site and my page on the Hive blockchain, so the @exxp plugin makes that so much simpler. Plus, most formatting populates over from Wordpress with no issues once it appears on Hive.


How will you see my post?

To make sure your content gets seen in the @naturalmedicine community, there are two tags you can use when adjusting your @exxp settings. Our community tag is “hive-120078” (entered in without the quotation marks), so I add that first if I want my post to show up in the Natural Medicine community and also on naturalmedicine.io. As Nicky shared in his how-to post, you can easily adjust that 6 digit number to choose which community your post shows up in. Community tags are not necessary, but are encouraged because they are a great way to get your content much better visibility from people interested in similar topics. The other tag is “naturalmedicine”, which you can also type as one of the 5 default tags in your plugin settings. Personally, I usually just use the community tag so that I can use my other default tags to further represent what my content is about (vegan, plantbased, food, health, etc.).


If you tend to share the same types of posts, you can enter your tags when you first download the plugin and then leave them be after that. However, you can also easily go into the settings page and adjust the tags before hitting the post button each time. Once your post populates to the blockchain you can still go in and edit all except for the first tag by logging in on Hive through naturalmedicine.io or one of the other front ends to access your account. Since most front ends accessing the Hive blockchain allow up to 10 tags, I will often edit my post after it comes up on my page to add the remaining tags if I feel I need them. You can also easily edit the body of your post on either your WP site or on Hive if you want to cater to your different audiences once shared, just make sure to unclick the “update the hive post when editing on wordpress” feature in the settings if you want to edit each post individually.


One of the other great benefits to using the @exxp plugin is that they now provide a repository for all of your content. Yes, many web hosts offer backup services, but I’ve known a few people to still lose their work despite the claims otherwise. Once your post is up on the Hive chain, it is there forever, so you will never lose your hard work and effort. The developers created a site, exxp.io, to be able to easily access your shared posts. If there is any glitch in your post coming over from your WP set, it is a great place to look and see if your post is in the queue. You can also download your posts from the page, access your referral code for the plugin and see other stats. The website is a great addition, but for every day use the only thing you really need is to get your settings right on your WP blog and you should have no problems sharing away!

So what’s stopping you from trying it out?

The Natural Medicine community is a well-established group on Hive, which means for many of us small time bloggers, we may get much more interaction than on our Wordpress sites. The Hive community includes content creators from all over the world! I now how friends all over the globe who interact on my blog because of Hive. People I would never have come across through Wordpress alone, though many also have WP sites and use the @exxp plugin. You can easily jump into the whole Hive ecosystem to explore all the content from any community and topic, or start off in the small and very welcoming corner where Natural Medicine resides.

More questions?

Check out the welcome page for all kinds of information like what type of content is welcomed in the community, how to understand the LOTUS token, and other valuable information. Find us on Discord to chat, as well! Exxp also has their own Discord chat room where you can ask questions from other users or the creators/developers @frederikaa and @howo. The plugin is free, though they do take a small beneficiary from your post on Hive for use of the service and continued development. For the time and effort it saves to reach even more engaged viewers, the small percentage in Hive rewards they take is absolutely worth it.


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