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hy hive everyone.

I was on an adventure to the pineapple garden. On the way to the pineapple plantation it takes about 2 hours from the national road. It is quite far and the route is also extreme. When I went there the weather was very supportive because it was a very sunny day.

On the way, we can see many beautiful scenery in the area. The location of this plantation is in Aceh within the territory of Indonesia. I happened to go directly with the person who owns the pineapple garden. We certainly get very good service from the owner of the garden.

The plantation owner was very pleased with our arrival into his garden. Usually these peasants went out on their own and stayed there for a few nights. There were lots of people gardening there and the man would not be alone in his garden because neighbors were there. Pineapple plantation area of ​​about 2 hectares. The position of this plantation is on a hill that is not high.






The land here is very fertile, many plants can live in this area. The weather there is not too hot, even the owner of the garden said that it often rains and the weather is cold. Because it happened that the day we went, the sun was very bright so this was a good moment for us.

This plant is planted with a long span in a moment there are about 100 pineapple trees. The owner of the garden said he had not been to the garden in a week so a lot of grass was growing beside the pineapple tree.

We spent about 5 hours there enjoying the view and also eating pineapples in the garden. It felt very calm to be in a vast realm like this. In the forest area close to the plantation there are still many wild animals so we are very careful not to disturb them. Moreover, we are newcomers who came here so we still don't understand the environment here.






When I see pineapples I think of @pinmapple. Yes I think this is even the profile is very similar to the pineapple that I am holding.


There are many health benefits of this pineapple. In pineapple fruit contains lots of nutrients that are good for humans. If you have ever eaten pineapple, you will know how delicious it is. The taste of pineapple has a sweet and sour taste. Which makes it natural for someone to have an expression with the taste of pineapple.

Pineapple contains very good nutrition because it contains vitamins and minerals. Let's take a look at what nutrients pineapples provide.

Launch live science, the facts of the nutrients contained in raw pineapples (165 grams of ingredients), according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

-calories 75
-total fat 0 g
-cholesterol 0 mg
-sodium 2 mg

  • potassium 206 mg
    -total carbohydrates 19.5 g
    -sugars 13.7 g
    -protein 1 g
    -vitamin c 28 mg
    -calciaum 21 mg

The nutritional content of canned pineapples is relatively different from raw or natural pineapples. In canned pineapple also contains less vitamins and minerals. If you have trouble getting raw pineapples to buy canned pineapples, look for those without added sugar. May we always take care of our health wherever and whenever.

see you in the next post, hope it is useful

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