A Time For Change

It's the new year.

According to the Gregorian calender anyway.

For myself it's been the new year since winter solstice. While many celebrate on January 1st, I take the opportunity to celebrate Alban Arthan and the coming birth of the rising sun which seeks to climb higher in the sky each day.

This year my resolution hasn't been one that I've told a whole lot of people. But because I'm making progress already I feel comfortable enough sharing my progress.

This year was my year for change. Typical, I know.

But not so much change of a single habit - it is change of my entire self. From the inside out.

And let me tell you it's been a struggle but a successful struggle.

One of the objectives for change this year is that I started to truly allow myself to take baby steps at progress. The problem with me is that I often find myself in situations where it is all in or all out. Normally this isn't an issue when it comes to a certain thing - writing, gardening, etc. etc. However I have many hobbies, many interests and also a lot of projects as well.

When I'm all in to one one thing for a period of time, I then grow tired of that thing and move onto something else because of the amount of time I didn't dedicate to anything else.

And this has been hard. While I don't schedule my time for things as I find putting myself into a box is incredibly frustrating, I am learning to pull back on things from going TOO hard and neglecting everything else in life.

This has been VERY frustrating telling myself enough is enough when I want to do more - I am however incredibly pleased with suddenly finding myself actually able to maintain the majority of my tasks that require my attention.

Not only that, I also find myself pleased with the amount of stuff I can accomplish in one day vs. only doing one thing all day and feeling schlumpy about it.

This change is feeling great so far and I am happy to report that things are working out slowly but surely.

Source: Mine.

I've even found my passion for photography again and will giving that a go here or there.

How about you?

How are your new years resolutions going?