Blog #70: Are You Diabetic? Check This Out For It Maybe Useful To You

I heard from the people who are close to me about insulin. It is a herbal medicine. Honestly, I heard that many times already but I just saw it months ago when my sister-in-law mentioned to me that she has already insulin plant in her garden. I immediately checked it as I was curious to know what it looks like.

Hey Hivers!

I heard few stories how this plant helps to those who are suffering with diabetes. According to some people, it could help control the sugar level. Since I haven't tried it yet personally (because I'm not diabetic) I checked the internet to understand the benefits of insulin plant.


Disclaimer: I am not a Licensed or Registered Health Practitioner. Please do your own research before consuming this herbal medicine. What I have written here is the result of the research that I made from the internet.

According to research, Costus igneus (or insulin plant) is a traditionally used medicinal herb which is native to Southeast Asia. The plant has been recently introduced into India and it is grown as an ornamental plant in south India. Insulin plant contains various phytochemical constituents like steroid, alkaloid, flavonoid, triterpene, glycoside, and saponins. Its leaves are being used as a dietary supplement in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. The catchphrase of the plant is: "a leaf a day keeps diabetes away".

I've read it from the internet on how to consume it, according to the source, the leaves of Insulin plant must be chewed well before swallowing, after chewing the leaves / leaf have a little water. Having natural concentration of Corosolic acid, Insulin plant can have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. source

But if you can't dare to chew the leaf well, there is another way so you won't eat the leaf. I'll teach you how.

How To Make Insulin Tea
  • Wash the 3 insulin leaves thoroughly
  • Slice it into small pieces


  • Put it in a casserole
  • Pour the casserole with 2 cups of water


  • Boil it
  • Once boiled, remove the insulin leaves
  • Place the water in the cup


Here's The Insulin Tea


If you are diabetic and willing to consume this tea, consult your doctor first and maybe it will also be a good idea to first check your sugar level before consuming this herbal medicine. After few days of consuming, check your sugar level again to validate if this really effective.

Hope this could help fight this chronic ailment. Keep fighting and don't give up!

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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