After the first week of the Wim-Hof method

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As I explained last week, due to age, physical limitations due to illness and the high temperature city where I live, I have made some adaptations to the Wim-Hof method.

This week has been difficult because for several days I was in severe pain due to an inguinal hernia with ventraccion that I have and that for reasons of the pandemic I have not been able to operate, however I have taken a few minutes a day to perform the recommended breaths.

Lying in bed, with my eyes closed and freeing my mind from the thoughts that the daily grind leaves us with, I have taken 30 breaths, one round for now, and have seen the following results.

I discovered that when I had the pain and I did some additional breaths, the pain dissipated at times, without going away but lessening in intensity, which makes me think that filling the lungs with oxygen can be a good method for those difficult moments and I remembered the breathing exercises that are recommended to women to have a happy childbirth.

Igual en el momento del parto le ordenan hacer respiraciones fuertes antes de pujar para que el bebé pueda salir, sin dudas hay una relación importante entre el oxígeno y la mitigación del dolor.

Also after many years of sedentary lifestyle after retiring from my sports activities I have felt that my lung capacity has decreased, a few months ago we were worried about it, because when walking for short distances I was short of breath.

This week I have noticed that this sensation has diminished and my lungs feel more expanded, the tiredness from walking the same routes has almost completely disappeared.

Likewise, my sleep has been more pleasant and longer, something that is very important for me since, due to my autistic condition, my brain is a machine that never stops and long periods of time must pass in order to have a "restful" sleep as we say around here.

This week I will try to do 2 rounds of breathing and some changes that I will tell you about in the next post.

Remember that nothing is linear, what works for me may not work for someone else, but adapting the method to the conditions of each one will surely have similar or even superior effects.