A Sailor For Sacrifice {Caught In An Unknown Island} (A Prose Poetry)

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Solemn drums,
beats as thumping hooves,
on moistened grounds,
sends jitters into us,
like the venom,
of a vicious viper.
The gongs, far away
reminds us of a samoan steps,
that spurns the blood,
into a thickened stew,
and an unfamiliar ditty
begins to play in our mind.

We're stranger,
on foreign lands,
spewed by lethal waves,
at the mercy of angry seas,
our eyes opens up,
half alive,
as roses to a brand new day,
to behold thorns and fern,
omnious strange calls,
and frighting bawls.

Flutes in the distant,
feeling strangely known.
our nightmares,
suddenly seeming true,
like morning, bursting forth.
appearing as silhouettes
of monster behind,
thin tall grasses,
gulping down concotions
of bones and skulls.

Our adventures have began,
without any slight warning,
we have been set out,
like gladiator,
unready for glory.
we have seen lands
after many sojourn,
in a fiery place.
mist as a kingdom,
caught up in smoke.

Slumber simmers off,
the skies moving,
in hazy rotations,
as gentle lightening,
quakes afar off,
here they come,
yapping in twisted tongues.
like devils in fairytales.

To them,
the gods have provided
a lambs for slaughter,
as they gawk
like drunken gods,
by our feet, dragging us
upside down
away on bush paths
to the darkness on the other side.
our future has begun,
as this moments dies in front of us.



Written by @Josediccus


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