AFTER THE VIRUS: a scientific prove of A=432hz as a way to improve the inmune system. (experiment made by me)

disclaimer: what i will say here is my belief and is this article a way to pour my ideas out, so i am not looking for your approval or disapproval, just growth.

I saw that there is a contest of @naturalmedicine where we can share a way to stop the virus at home however, I didn't know what to talk about, until I saw a movie about the life of Stephen Hawking, "The theory of everything" that talked about how Hawking was looking to make an equation that put together all the pieces of the universe into one, showing its intrinsic connection, I think now I have an idea that I can talk to you about and you can participate in the contest, besides allowing me to order certain reflections and questions that I have previously asked myself.

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I stopped eating meat

I made a decision that surprised people who have known me all my life and that is to stop eating meat.

It was not something sudden that happened to me overnight, because I feel that it was an awareness that I gradually acquired of wanting to not eat meat..

For a year, I had been investigating the electromagnetic spectrum and how we interact with different octaves of this reality through our five senses. In each one of these senses there are frequencies in vibration that we are able to tune with. These frequencies are separated in degrees and they go through different octaves of energy that go from their highest octave (light) lowering in vibration to the physical plane, like a kind of Cosmic Piano.

Newton did an experiment where he managed to separate the sunlight into seven different colors that are what we perceive in the rainbow naturally, these seven colors are repeated in all the octaves of the electromagnetic spectrum, the energy of life in my being has been enraptured with these wonderful 7's that are repeated in nature.

In the sound spectrum we can observe the decomposition of these 7 colors and they are called Do - Re - Mi - Fa - Sol - La - Si, which is why I’m so sure that there will be seven flavors and seven aromas that fit within this specific frequency range, that are capable of tuning the human being, who within himself has seven chakra points.

Now I think, if in all the octaves there are these seven frequencies:

Could it be the sound, color, aromas, food texture or medicine help regulate our energy

Would it be good to have a diet sustained in colors?

Would acoustically treated spaces under sacred geometry have an impact on the development of the activities carried out within them, such as eating, listening to music or any other action of the waves on the spectrum, such as art?

These are questions that I want to solve in my life under the eye of experience and one way to access it is with music, specifically the tuning in A = 432hz, a tuning which is in balance with nature with the ability to fine-tune our energy centers. .

Sound waves are made up of three factors: fundamental, harmonic and resonant, if this is the case for sound waves then it should in turn be repeated in the other octaves of reality

Nikolas Tesla spoke that we should eat processed light, in this case he was referring to three components of sunlight: (Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen) that through the photosynthesis process in plants could then be consumed by other living beings

After having seen that the father of the alternating current advised to eat light, which to my understanding he was referring to the rainbow and that in an octave of material vibration were colorful fruits and vegetables. I knew that it was the unequivocal moment to start a new way of eating in my to be, with increasing awareness of how colors influence the correct calibration of my energy centers, in short, to eat in a healthy and artistic way.

This last saying above has ended up taking me to know Ayurvedic cuisine from the hands of chef Genaro @gensalcoatl (whom we will see soon posting in Hive) where I have confirmed more and more deeply the beautiful connection between music and gastronomy. There I have learned that food is the medicine capable of regulating the proper functioning of our body when it is made with awareness of the requirements of our body and also how these requirements can be intuitively known by listening to ourselves.

Now, if our energy centers are seven and are linked to the musical notes and we can align ourselves with nature under the tuning of A = 432Hz then:

Are we music?

Is Dancing a Meaning of life? Is it capable of aligning chakra points?

What is our fundamental, harmonic and resonant?

Dancing is definitely a balm

For the wounds of the soul, it is the way we have to express vibrations of our emotions through the body, one way to appreciate dance is to feel part of the harmony of the world through geometry in our expression. If dance is also Music and therefore vibration, then expresses our musical note, speaking of man as a musical instrument, the emission of our body message.

Fundamental, Harmonic, Resonant = Mind, Body, Spirit?

Would the trinity be mind, body, spirit what is fundamental, harmonic and resonant in sound waves?

If this were so, then: our Fundamental would be the same, a shared Whole that composes us, could that be the spirit? and our harmonics and resonant mind and body ?, that would explain why although we are all the same we all make different arepas.

We all make arepas different

And that makes us individual within a whole that is equal to 1, although it manifests itself in millions of ways and we can call it art, science and spirituality.

Here I want to take up ​​Hawking’s idea on a formula that dignifies the integrated whole of which we are all part. If someone had already seen what I am going to share here, I would like to read more about the subject because I have not achieved anything in relation to this formula so far , it is a simple summation of a number by itself to infinity

first 1

1 + 1 = 2

2 + 2 = 4

4 + 4 = 8

8 + 8 = 16

16 + 16 = 32

32 + 32 = 64

64 + 64 = 128



There are different empirical works that interconnect these numbers to different disciplines and periods, however, I want to tell you about a characteristic that this number has and that is its musicality

In the photo above we can see the one being added by itself to infinity and below the decomposition of each result thus giving a periodic succession of the numbers 124875.

However, I decided instead of decomposing their factors to use the value of each number as a degree on the musical scale, had it not been for the music at 432hz I would not have reached this appreciation of the number

What I did was substitute numbers for degrees of the musical scale, I am sure that this melody played at A = 432hz executed with intention and conscience is capable of aligning ourselves with nature and this has an impact on the strengthening of our immune system, the best thing is that we can tune our guitar in this tuning and begin to meditate on the connection of all.

When I discovered this musical equation I was overcome by this feeling of emotion and tears fell off my eyes feeling liberated and with a deep sense of joy. I was looking for how to make the greatest impact with this truth of nature, I felt that it was here in Caracas where singing on the streets could make more sense to heal society, specifically in the subway, which I believe is the city's bloodways, however, given the current global conditions, I think the most sensible thing is to release this information that I had not previously seen on the internet, a mathematical test what philosophers and freethinkers have long talked about, The Dance of the Spheres.

changed the numbers from 1 to 9 as grades of the musical scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C, D.)

(This music number could be played at any scale, minor or major)

Our free will allows us to be part of this symphony made by nature or simply not to perform our music, the reflection that this musical number leaves me is the following:

There is no song in the world that nature has not performed before us

Although we are part of a whole that comes from one and we can perform a symphony, dance a cosmic dance with our lives, all the performances will sound different, since each one has his time and his own harmonics and resonants where the essential vibrates.


There is a music that governs everything we know and is manifested in every octave of the spectrum (even those frequencies that receive them).

Human beings cannot perceive in the color it manifests as red, yellow, orange, blue, indigo and violet, if in principle all this starts from the sunlight then fruits and vegetables are an intuitive choice when eating, trying to eat all the colors of the spectrum in a balanced way, listening to our body and in conscience

another disclaimer: I'm not recommending that you follow a diet, but I do advise that you start looking for individual awareness of what you want to eat and what you don't.

If I can ask you a favor I would ask you to share this information with every human being you resonate with around the globe, this way I think we can have a real positive impact on people's moods, this week I will be uploading original songs on this frequency and I will do my best to answer the questions in the comments.

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