A gift for myself: Pendant and a ring


Me wearing a clear quartz pendant + the gold chain mom gave me

I love crystals and ever since I started buying it, I never stopped. xD They are just so beautiful that whenever I see something that attracts me, I just buy it.

I've always wanted a pendant that I could wear everyday, even during showers. Since my chain is not that easy to put and remove, just wearing it is the best option.


I bought this clear quartz back in January and I wore this everyday until the metal thing that holds tarnished. :< I love how it looks on me but just the metal is a bummer.

Then I felt it's time to buy a new one!

I've known this shop on Instagram for quite some time now but just really waiting for the time to order. I love their pendants and the best thing, the wire is 10 karat gold. So that means, I can take it with me without it tarnishing!

image1 (2).jpg

After a few hours of thinking what to choose, I finally decided to buy this one. They also have different crystal pendants but I specifically wanted a clear quartz cos it represents clarity, which I really want and need right now. Also, it really just looks good. :p

image0 (1).jpg

Also I got a moonstone ring!!!

I've always wanted a moonstone mainly because it really attracts me and the colors are really just beautiful. It's like labradorite where you see the color inside in different angles.


It looks so good on me B-)

Only it was just big even tho it allows you to resize it. I will need something like a ring adjuster to be able to wear it properly. My fingers too thin! :P

blue lace.jpg

I also bought a blue lace agate pendant for my bff! She liked it :D


Lastly, they gave me a freebie! :D

I didn't recognize this but it says it's a chrysocolla. I like it, it looks good.

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