🌌 Learning to be the Creator of My Reality ✨


At times you have come to think that what happens to you depends on others, their bad vibes, their bad wishes or their somewhat envious intentions towards you that everything goes upside down, I invite you to reflect and find the truth of the cause and effect of our thoughts. We will do it together and then tell me if you managed to realize a different lake, and you felt master of your reality.

For some people it is more assertive and safer to believe that others are responsible for things not going their way. Even those who are very religious claim that it is their God who punishes them and therefore they do not do as they expect. Without deviating my writing and without offending anyone in their religious beliefs, I ask you, do you really believe that your God sends you in body and soul to pass through this plane to have a bad time? I think that the universe and that spiritual connection that you trust in, regardless of religion will always want the good and the wonderful for us.

I think in a very personal way that our actions lead us to a life full of cause and effect...Today I want to talk with you to see if we reach the same understanding of the subject that I reached after listening once again to the wonderful vibrational coach Octavio Urbina with this powerful phrase:

"I can't go wrong for a long time without being complicit in it"

  • I went immediately to an introspection, to study myself in depth and ask myself!!!...I invite you to do it with sincerity every time you observe yourself out of the desired path:

Where do I spend my day?

With which people do I share my days?

Why do I resist what I really want?

Where am I mostly focused?

Do I indulge in pessimism?

Am I convinced of what I deserve?


Discover Yourself

  • If I yearn wholeheartedly for my economic abundance to have a better quality of life for me and my family; and I am not talking about luxuries, but to be able to cover the basic needs of my children and parents, then why am I still stuck without moving forward?

So listening to myself I feel that I have kept myself in a role of victim in moments where I have to flow and trust, to allow situations to take their course.

There I have learned that the more I focus my energies on the negative, on what I do not have and what I cannot achieve, the more I turn the balance of my emotions and energies solely and exclusively towards them.

Then, without realizing it, the wonderful things that I do possess and that I am achieving lose value in that scale. This introspection invites me to stop feeling like a victim (things happen to me) of the events to take control of the responsibility of the results in my life, not that of others, of only my life, letting see, letting out the creator that I am (I make it happen).

That's where our learning comes from, things happen because I am pushing towards that unwanted event in my life. I go to bed thinking about what I don't want to happen to me, I am generating thoughts, emotions and even feelings prior to the event; and during the situation I act as if I am a seer who already had previous visions that the unfavorable thing would happen to him.


I am generating thoughts

However, how a person feels in front of that event, depends directly on his previous experiences, his experiences, the stories he has heard and the reinforcements he has had, and this feeling is something very personal and intimate. For example, what emotion and thought does the rain generate in you?.

"It's raining!"

I may be happy, homesick, annoyed or even indifferent and each individual response is perfect and is real; and also if you didn't feel comfortable you could choose to change, not the rain but your feeling.

  • Feel at ease with your life, with what is happening to you; live the here and now that is in the fibers of your skin and only you know how to feel it and experience it so that it makes you happy.


Feel at ease with your life

Just as when your phone needs the best location to have a good signal on the web, so you need an excellent location where you can recharge yourself with the best and most wonderful energies of the universe, which always come from Love, harmony and emotional balance.

  • Your Being and your body also need a good charger where to connect, and what better place than your inner Self that will know how to give you the best answers of Love and understanding without falling into victimization.

Just listen to yourself even if you have to speak out loud in your personal monologue.

Remember to always repeat yourself!

  • I am the creator of reality
  • I am the only one responsible for how I feel about the reality I perceive.

Be the Accomplice of and your Happiness!

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