The 5 basics of living and how to help yourself

All my life i used to do most of the things by my own. Especially when it was about important decisions. Of course I asked my family and friends about their opinion and what they would do, but usually I did NOT do what people told me to do and that is one of the most important reason that made me very successful pretty fast.

Every other day someone is trying to tell me how I should live, eat, post, do videos, write, talk, dress, look, behave or whatever. Guys, I don´t listen to anybody who is obviously not caring about himself at all...

Why would someone do that?
That is a very interesting question that can not be answered within one single short blog post, but feel free to book me as a mentor for a couple of years if you really wanna increase your happiness. Look at me now... it´s worth it ;-)

Most of the humans I know and see (I guess it´s 99.9 %) do not follow these basic rules which every homo sapiens sapiensis should feel. You can call it intuition. But wait for it...

What does a sprout need to sprout out?

  • Water
  • Warmth
  • Light
  • Air
  • (nutrition later)
    Who got all 4 out of it? I hope everybody as these are the basic needs for almost any organism in the world we can think about.

Ok kiddos, lets imagine we are a seedling and want to sprout out and grow to a huge beautiful plant. Then there will be another thing we need and that is strength. (Do you grow sprouts? If not, start today! It´s worth it as you will learn a lot about life and you get the best nutrients you can imagime for almost no money.)

How to increase your strenght?
If you´d be a plant, which can not move than the weather and wind would be your sports and train your brown stem to become longer, stronger and thicker, right ladies?

But as we are humans and can move ourselves, we can do sports, stretching and train our mind and muscles. Another thing is that we can and have to choose how much we drink and eat and especially what.

So here are my 5 basic needs me and my mentees follow pretending to LIVE HAPPY:
Nutrition (5-7 L herbal tea and all of the best food you can eat)
Movement (as much as possible, BASTA!!! If you think it´s enough you probably didn´t really start.)
SUN (as we just have 1hr of sun for 3 months/year --> Vitamin D >40.000 i.E./day for at least 9 months)
Relaxation (1 hour for yourself every day doing nothing + sports + yoga, meditation, hobbies,...)
LOVE ans positiveness (best would be to have a partner you can cuddle with naked for at leats 5 mins 3 times a day. If not find an alternative - hug friends, book a prostitute,... Especially make sure to use 75% positive expressions and think about great things that are happening now and will happen).
The funny thing is we all know about that and as childs we try to live intuitively until we are told to sit still, be quiet, stop talking and so on. No matter if it´s the kindergarten or the school, the teacher or parents, friends and other parents it already happened before we can think about it because it is the way our parents and grandparents tought themselves and us to live. You will probably think they just wanted the best for their childs, but just did not have all the information about it.

I thought the same, but it is just not true. We want to love our parents as we were told to, but we should hate them as they are responsible for what happened to the planet in the last decades. We have just been childs and where not able to change the world. Now we are so my friends start today and stand up for the planet and for the mankind. WE need more LOVE and HAPPINESS and less capitalism.

Our parents knew that smoking is unhealthy, they knew that they shouldn´t have believed ads in TV saying milk, meat, bread and tobacco would be healthy. Everybody knows sugar and alcohol is poison, but we consume and sell it anywhere and make our childs addicted to it.

Nowadays it is not acceptable to pretend, that you would not know it. Your body knows what is good for you, but you rather listen to the TV and your parents. You feel it and you can find the information, but you do not look for it. You are so arrogant to think you were right, that you want me to prove you that you are an idiot. You know what. the prove is simple. If you don´t listen to me, you are an idiot, as I am more intelligent than you. And that is not the arrogant thing, that is a scientifically proven fact.

How can somebody even think organic would not be incrementally better than not organic? What´s wrong with you?
Yes, I know you do not get it. You are so distracted by your boring life that you do not see that you life in the matrix and you are just a brainwashed slave. Slavery nowadays is almost perfect as you think "I am fine." "Everything is ok." "I got enough for living." "I got what I need."

So what are your new years resolutions?

Do you want to loose weight, eat more healthy, do more sports, find a partner, increase your salary, work more/less, have more free time, enjoy some special holidays, buy a car, built a house???

Or do you want to become happy?

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