As a Herbal Plant, Eucalyptus Tree Has Benefits For Health.


As a Herbal Plant, Eucalyptus Tree Has Benefits For Health.

Eucalyptus plant is one of the most famous plants in the world, the plant with the Latin name Melaleuca Leucadendra is a guava tribal plant that has a small trunk and branches hanging down.

This plant comes from Indonesia and is currently also cultivated in several countries such as Australia, as well as several other Asian countries. The source of these plants is the oil produced from these plants which can be used for the health of the human body, this herbal plant is very efficacious in curing various diseases.


The eucalyptus tree was first discovered on the coast of a tropical climate, this plant thrives in the Maluku islands, Indonesia. Eucalyptus tree has a tree height that can reach 40 meters, leaves are the main ingredient for making essential oils. Eucalyptus oil is the result of distillation of coconut tree leaves and eucalyptus oil is the main ingredient, a mixture of balur oil and an ingredient in several medicines.

Besides being able to warm the body, inhaling eucalyptus oil is also able to relieve nasal congestion due to the flu, if applying eucalyptus oil on the head and neck is also useful, it can relieve dizziness, other properties are often used to relieve itching.

Eucalyptus is a national culture and to this day still exists amidst the onslaught of modern rubbing oil, besides being warm and smells good, its fragrance can make the body relax. Using eucalyptus oil is part of Indonesian local wisdom.


This plant is able to relieve stress, with the aroma of eucalyptus oil the ingredients are well known, many of the ingredients in eucalyptus are anti-depressants, but it still needs research. In addition, eucalyptus plants with eucalyptus oil extract can help relieve pain, this is because there is an analgesic content that is anti-pain. This herbal plant can also relieve sinusitis.

Eucalyptus plant is often used to relieve headaches, this is because it contains eucalyptus oil as an analgesic. Eucalyptus plants can be used to help relieve headaches by simply applying the oil. If the largest content in eucalyptus is 1.60 of the most active substances, the active substance for pain relief is indeed contained in eucalyptus and basically the effect can relieve headaches for about 30 minutes.

Eucalyptus plants can relieve and treat colds, inhaling eucalyptus oil vapor can relieve colds and flu, because eucalyptus contains decongestants that can relieve breathing, can relieve respiratory tract.


This herbal plant is also believed to be able to ward off various viruses, this is because the eucalyptus plant contains 1.8 cineol compounds with high levels of up to 47.61 percent. The content that will inhibit infections caused by viruses. Eucalyptus extract can also be used to help relieve dental problems while making your breath feel fresher, this is done by gargling.

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