How I start my day.

I discovered this gentleman snoozing on my balcony this morning. He had a firm grasp on the metal grid barrier. He didn't wake up even when I positioned my camera quite near to his eyes. I assumed he was dead since he might have struggled too much from the storm the night before.
To my relief, he flew away minutes later as I softly touched him haha!

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Stepping outside every morning for fresh air and beautiful views has been my favorite spiritual morning practice for feeling grateful, being present, and enjoying every little thing.
"Today is my day, morning is my moment," I tell myself as I am overjoyed with these small things.
I get up early... what should I do at this time? Doing things that have an element of calm, that inspire, is great.

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1.First thing in the morning, drink a glass of water.

Well, I believe I've said this in many blog entries I've written. I mean, freshwater is a great way to begin a new day. For tea connoisseurs, nothing beats a cup of tea in the morning while catching up with friends and family.

2. Meditation

My tension and worry may be relieved with as little as a 10-minute meditation. My advice, after two years of practice, is to not take it too seriously. Meditation, after all, is supposed to be soothing, not stressful, and difficult to do.
Simply close your eyes in a straight-back sitting position or while lying on your Yoga mat (or anywhere else for that matter) and you're ready to begin. Relax and become aware of your breathing, muscles, and body. That's all there is to it. Go through your head, ears, eyes, and stomach, saying kind things to each one, loving every part of your body
I'm aware of my anger, worry, happiness, and mental ups and downs thanks to meditation. I learn to treat them all with respect and appreciate the reality that I am only an emotional human.

3.Eat something before workouts

As before, the only thing I had before moving my body was a cup of cold water. After my exercises, I didn't always feel my best. As a result, this minor modification has boosted my energy levels significantly.
To get ready for a nice workout, I'd frequently have some crackers or a banana. So if you are asking how come exercise makes your energy low! Here might help.

4. Workout

You can also do something that interests you. Yoga, meditation, or even going for a walk might help you improve your health, too. As a result, you don't need to intensify anything to make it a "good enough" training choice.

Some people I know quickly get into a bath afterward Because they feel unclean. My recommendation, though, is to allow your body to cool down before visiting your miniature "water park." Your sweaty face, on the other hand, will not want to wait since acne might invade if you leave it uncleansed for more than an hour after an exercise. I've been there before!

5. Green breakfast

A salad, a smoothie, and a juice, to be precise. It could be anything! It's acceptable to consume foods that you enjoy for your stomach but heathier choices are available out there, just pick what you trust.
I'm always worried about how I eat can actually affect my energy level, so I frequently choose foods that are high in energy, such as fruits and vegetables. I'd go for green smoothies and juice instead of a salad because I don't feel like chewing in the morning LOL
The result is amazing. My severe throat sores have faded with time, and I no longer have breakouts. Wonderful!

Most days, I'd just add protein and fat (from almonds and black sesame seeds or vegan protein powder) to my smoothie and call it a breakfast, but there are occasions when I'd rather have my prefered ones. For example, For example, a quarter-size serving of typical portions of noodles or egg-fried rice to go with my smoothie. I know they're not as good as a green smoothie alone, but they make me happy. (Or else I'll be kicking myself for missing them.) Just make sure they're small servings!

6. Take a shower

Showering within an hour of a sweaty workout not only helps me clean my body acne, but it also brightens my day.
A cold shower can quickly make me feel better. Although hot showers increase blood circulation (which you may feel), a cold shower can refresh your mind and clarify your thoughts thereafter.

7. Final words

Because of busy schedules, some people will find it nearly hard to complete all of these tasks at the same time. However, please slow down, make time for yourself, and plan some peaceful, contemplative, and completely relaxing moments into your day. Set 30 minutes aside for a night routine if you don't have 30 minutes on early mornings.
It may seem like a bothersome habit at first, and you may not even want to do it on the third day, but trust me when I say that it becomes a part of your daily routine in the long run. (And you won't have to sit on the fence between doing it or not)
You'll be glad you did it afterwards.

8. Tagging friend(s)

Thank Ms. Hong @babeltrips for always supporting me. The fact that I wrote this post today was because I thought of her little figure on her charming bike (which I wished to own hehe) on an early morning as I was walking with my friend to the beach nearby. I had no idea where she was heading and soon lost track of her. However, it was such a beautiful morning with so many people all hanging around for the sunrise. They must have their morning moments as well.
Good morning! Have a fantastic day! <3

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