The natural medicine I take every day

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Do you often drink coffee? For me, I can't live without coffee. Coffee is a natural medicine that I drink every day. I was fortunate to be born and raised in Dak Lak, a vast province in the highlands of Vietnam, where we grow a lot of coffee and we are proud to be the second largest coffee exporter in the world after Brazil. . Since childhood, I have lived and worked on my family's coffee farm. Our house is in the middle of a coffee farm so I can enjoy the scent of coffee all the time. I can chew almost every part of the coffee plant from the stem, roots, branches, leaves and of course the fresh berries. It's my habit when I work on the farm, maybe because my mouth feels bored. And my mother used to scold me for it because my mouth turned green. Maybe that's why I can't live without coffee now. Coffee is like the blood flowing in my body. And what's even better is that the coffee that I drink every day is grown and produced on my family's farm, so it's clean, safe, pure and strong. For me, there is nothing better to start a new day than listening to every drop of coffee and sipping a cup of coffee.


Wish you a nice day 😉!

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