New plants and shrooms popping up - Grow Log


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Things are going well


Things are moving fast in the grow tent. I have one plant that is a couple weeks into flower and the others are growing strong. I am also welcoming some new Big Mac sprouts in the tent.


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Right now I have four Big Mac sprouts in the tent and at least one more that will be added hopefully tomorrow. I changed things up with germination this time. I did the old paper towel between two plates trick and had the plate on a heating pad. When I would germinate with the plates before, I think that it was always too cold, but putting the plate on a heat pad made 7 out of 7 seeds crack open.

I put them in some smaller cups and put them on the heating pad to encourage root growth. Four of them sprouted up pretty quickly, and I had them under a smaller light for a while until they were about 2 to 3 inches, then I moved them into larger pots. Two of them still have not sprouted up out of the dirt, and I am not sure if they will at this point, but 5 out of 7 isn't bad. Now I will just be waiting to see how many of them show the female characteristics.


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The large bubblegum is doing awesome right now and has so many bud sites. I am pretty positive that the main reason this one is doing so well is the training I have been doing with the super croppers. I am going to need to order some more from Bifbeans because these are awesome and they will come in handy when the Big Mac sprouts are large enough.


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I can't wait to see how fat these buds are going to get. Right now I have been focusing on making sure that the plants are getting enough calcium by supplementing their water with Cal-Mag. I have been adding it to every water I give the plants and have only been giving the other nutrients about every 5 days or so.


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I will be stopping the extra nutrients to this plant in a couple weeks so that I can flush it for the last few weeks of flowering before harvest.


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One of the things that I did with this one a couple weeks ago was to super crop the main stem at the top. I was a bit worried about doing that because the last time I tried to do anything with the main stem, I snapped it. But now that it is starting to flower, the bud sites are so dense up above where I super cropped it.


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I have been adding some super croppers to the other bubblegum plants because training them early has given me some really great results. I spent a good while trimming off some of the larger fan leaves off all the plants so that the branches can all get some more light on them.


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When I first started using the super croppers, I would just bend them and stick the thing on the branch, but now I take some extra time to curve the spot where I am bending, so it isn't a sharp angle. I also try and do it a while after watering so that the branches are a bit more pliable. I have also started squishing the branch in my fingers to break up the walls a bit and make them bend even easier. I have noticed that when doing this, the bent spots fatten up after about a week as the plant is healing and sending nutrients up the branches.


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All in all, my cannabis plants are doing amazing and I can't wait for them to continue growing. I am still curing the northern lights and the critical purple. Each of them have their own distinct smell as well. It is cool to smell how the flower has been changing over the weeks I have been curing them. At first they start off smelling like cucumbers, but as the cannabinoids are released and the flower cures, they take on the smell of their strain.


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Good news!! I have mushrooms growing!! I guess that means that I am doing something right. I really had no clue what I was doing with these, but it looks like I am headed in the right direction.


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My monotub looks like it has a colony of dicks growing. It is pretty funny to look at them because some of them are super small and others are pretty big.


Photo by me

I think I have about 5 more days or so before the first mushrooms can be harvested. So many more little penises pop up each day.


Photo by me

I have another grain bag getting delivered in the next couple days. I have some Copelandia Cyanescens spores that I will be injecting in that one. Copelandia Cyanescens is one of the strongest strains out there and I am pretty excited.

Well that is it for my grow update. The shrooms will be ready for harvest or harvest by the next grow log I do. This next week is gonna be awesome.

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