@flowerbaby started her 200hr yoga teacher training


@flowerbaby has been doing yoga for awhile now. At last she is able to follow her dreams and become a certified yoga instructor. Not only will she be able to teach her own classes, but she will also have all sorts of new bits of knowledge that will benefit her everyday life.

She took the time to write an essay for yoga scholarship and was one of two individuals who were selected to get a discount on the yoga teacher training. For under $2000 she will receive her 200 hour certification. To some that may still seem like a lot, but for our area that is a fair price. Especially considering how flexible the schedule is and how convenient/nice the location is. The studio Yoga Power is just a short 2 minute drive from where I live. Plus the place is gorgeous inside.

@flowerbaby’s first day of training was October 16, 2020. I dropped her off for her first day of class, she was super excited as you can see in the little gif below. Her classes will be for an entire weekend once a month until she graduates on May 16 2021. She goes Friday evening and all day Saturday & Sunday once a month.

I’m thrilled that she has the opportunity to learn many new skills and hopefully meet some new friends. Her goal is to one day begin teaching paddleboard yoga classes, which I think is a great idea!

I can’t wait to see how her next weekend of training goes on November 20th. Everyone wish my @flowerbaby good luck 🤞🍀🤩










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I am so proud of you @flowerbaby 💖