Candida Protocol Not Working - How to Know if Your Body is Ready

Why Your Candida Protocol May Not be Working

How to Know if Your Body is Ready

Since around August, I have been battling with gut dysbiosis / candida overgrowth that led to a few other problems as a result of taking Levaquin. During this time, I have researched more on the subject than I previously did in the 8 years I lived with these symptoms before.

I have written about this some but in this post I will provide an update and clear some things up. I'm actually looking to update friends I've made from a facebook group that I am in because I can see how many are desperate and the information / opinions people share there can be overwhelming without much supporting evidence...

The Basic Protocol

I believe the ultimate cause of my symptoms is a result of Candida overgrowth, though I have not taken any tests to prove this but I come to this conclusion because I am experiencing symptoms I once cleared out entirely by treating it as though it was Candida.

In this post, I outlined the basic protocol I followed whereby I cured myself in 6 weeks. It was around March 14, 2018 when I started the protocol and I went off diet and supplements around April 24... I will tell you what worked for me and why I do not believe it has been working in the 8 months I've been battling this for the second time.

But before I began I'd like to elaborate on the protocol that I believe will work only when your body is ready. I will clarify later what I mean when your body is ready, but if you haven't made a disciplined attempt with the protocol I'll present here or a similar one, then this may be a good starting point for you.

The core of my recommended protocol starts with one I found from Dr. Robert Ivker click here for the link to his protocol. In my case I added a few things and stuck to the diet mentioned by Dr. Ivker in the 6 weeks, so in my case I ate no fruit at all.

Some things I added to the protocol were the following:

Important Additions

  • Whole Foods Brand Oregano Oil 3x per day
  • After 2-3 weeks I added Thorne SF722
  • After 2-3 weeks I began rotating rapid detox solutions (ie. Oxy-Powder, Activated Charcoal, Psyllium Husk + Bentonite Clay, ACV Enemas)
  • Lyons Mane
  • Paul Stamets My Community Mushroom Blend
  • Thorne Buffered Vitamin C
  • Thorne Multivitamin (AM + PM kind)
  • Nordic Naturals Fish Oil with Vitamin D
  • Kion Brand Colostrum (Goat Milk Sourced)

Working Out

When I cured my symptoms previously I worked out like it was my religion, about 5-6 days a week. I would rotate strength training and cardio. The strength training I did was called reverse pyramid where you take 3 minute breaks between sets. This type of training is optimal for supporting mitochondrial health and why I suspect it was beneficial and helped me power thru an effective Candida treatment more quickly.

The cardio I would do primarily was inclined walking, which I would walk at the max incline a treadmill allows for 1 hour. I didn't go to a sauna that often but during my cardio I would sweat a ton and I think this helped me clear toxins more rapidly.

Prior to my workout I would actually take Kion Aminos, but I know there are some studies that suggest candida can feed on excess amino acids. Post workout I would skip lunch and only drink plant based protein powder, which I think is a critical step since Candida can feed on people overeating from a candida / AIP diet which is easy to fall victim to.

Other Controversial Things I Did That Worked!


I see a lot of people/protocols say that drinking coffee is not allowed; however, in my case I find it is an important laxative that when I tried to give up in my 2nd battle led me to become constipated.

After further research I found that most do not recommend coffee because 75-80% of store bought coffee, especially pre-ground, contains mold. So I conclude that if you are grinding your own organic coffee then you are safe.

I made a post about a coffee recipe here, that contains collagen which is good for leaky gut and caprylic acid which fights candida.

Red Meat / Meat in General

When I cured myself in 6 weeks, I was basically eating red meat every other day. It was all organic grass fed, but I mostly ate just a hamburger patty and some type of green like asparagus or green beans (green beans are also controversial, but I ate a lot of them).

I also see a lot of people saying a diet with meat is part of the problem, I personally think that is ridiculous and if you don't get enough meat then you have to eat more to make up for that potentially feeding candida from excess nutrients. Meat allows you to limit the quantity of what you consume to optimize what your body can digest for itself without excess that feeds candida.

Supplement Recommendations

When it comes to supplement recommendations I would trust any you purchase from Dr Ivker's site found here for the supplements I mentioned that should be the foundation of your protocol.

Purchasing from Amazon comes with risks and when your health is in question the last thing you want to think about is a scam purchase.

I find more peace of mind when I purchase the supplements either from a trusted functional medicine doctor or straight from the manufacturer / authorized distributor's website.

That Was Then, This Is Now

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the protocol I outlined only works when your body is ready. This is the most crucial thing I've learned in my second battle against the same symptoms. The other important thing that I learned is how to identify whether your body is ready for a super kill strategy.

You will know if your body is ready in the first week and a half, because if you feel die-off symptoms that last longer than 3 weeks it would suggest your body is not ready and you may need to give up on your kill strategy and focus on more of a detox / mitochondrial health strategy.

During a detox/mitochondrial strategy you would eat more variety, including fruits and gluten free / whole foods in your diet. Since long term strict diets can lead to problems most would not be able to solve on their own, I have learned it's not worth the risk.

The simple fact that I learned from previously curing the incurable, is that it can happen but more importantly it can happen in as little as 6 weeks with hardly no die-off symptoms. When your body is experiencing long term die-off symptoms or you have been trying and failing for over 6 months then you are putting yourself at risk.

The problem with knowing I can cure this is it's made me stubborn and I've been at it for about 7 months now so I am finally accepting this reality. My symptoms have greatly improved, but most improvement came during the periods I gave myself a break and took things like a B-Complex, Liver Support and Betaine-HCL.

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