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Hi fellow Gardeners,

Today I wanted to share an update on our awesome condo garden! We've got lots growing and being harvested!


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July Rain and Growth

The month of July, if you live on the Northeast Coast of the United States and even Canada, has been one of the wettest ever recorded. I didn't really mind, to be honest. This year we grew our most aggressive garden ever! It's really challenging sometimes to keep it up lol.

Today I’m going to share how awesome the garden is sprouting up delicious veggies! There was a lot of great growth in the pots and we learned things of what to do and what not to do in case we are here next year as well though that’s still up in the air.

The cucumber plants have been doing great since I gave them bigger pots. They were doing alright before but with a bigger pot and lots of fertilizer they have really taken off so that’s great. Love a fresh cucumber! What we had to do was string the plant up on the rails of the deck so that it had something to hold onto. Before it was kind of crawling on the ground and wasn’t very helpful lol. It’s happier up in the air it seems!


Lots of delicious small cucumbers growing all over the place. Thanks to the rain we’ve been getting they have been doing great! Sorry for the zip tie usage Riv! Lol.


The tomatoes are also doing pretty well. One of the tricky things about the tomatoes is that they really need consistent watering. I guess most plants do but with a varying work schedule as to when things get hectic I have a tough time getting out there at the same time to water them. It hasn’t been too bad with the regular rain but the plants have other thoughts it seems. The big black spots are caused by inconsistent watering or lack of calcium. They’ve got good fertilizer every 2 weeks so I doubt it’s the calcium so it’s probably the lack of consistent watering. We’ve managed to get a lot of great tomatoes but certainly some bad ones.


The basil and parsley here are going nuts! We’ve never grown parsley before so that was a new experience. We grew two kinds, flat and curly parsley. The Curley parsley seems to want to die pretty quickly so it went to flower really fast so I just left it. We needed something to entice the pollinators to come hang out on our deck and they love the flowers from the parsley.


We’ve finally got peppers growing! We are excited to add some new stuff to the mix. It’s always good to have multiple different things growing in our little garden. The different plants produce at different times so it’s good to have some nice varieties!


Speaking of variety we’ve now got another new one! An eggplant has sprouted its flower! I don’t know if the growing season for it will be long enough but we are certainly going to try and see if we can get it to produce one for us in time for the end of the season. Fingers crossed!


The other day we were out on the deck and just checking the things growing out when I moved a leaf on the cucumber plants and saw this little beast growing! I was shocked that it was considerably bigger than all the other ones! I’m glad I noticed it so that now we can keep an eye on it and let you know when it’s harvested. I’m hoping this strain of cucumbers actually tastes good!


Got this quick picture of the pollinators hard at work on our deck! This guys full of delicious stuff on his legs so he’s been busy indeed!


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