#GARDENJOURNAL - Happy Plants on The First July 🌱☘️🌻

Hi Lovely Hive Friends and Farmers,

I hope everything is going well for your week wherever you are. Today I visited my garden in the early morning and got some fresh vegetables from my little garden for cooking. This my first entry for the July #Gardenjournal challenge. Thank you, @dodovietnam for tagging me in @riverflows' post.

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Since I was a child, I have always wanted to have my own garden and now it's existing here on our rooftop. Currently, I am living in an apartment, therefore, choosing plants and tools for gardening is quite challenging for me. I don't actually have much experience with gardening. I don't know which plants to start, what fertilizers and equipment to use as well. Luckily, one of my residents is very good at that, she has helped me take care of the garden a lot. She told me that this summer is very hot, therefore, we can try to plant some herbs, short-term plants which are happy to be in the sun. I went to a shop to buy some seeds and ended up with cucumbers, loofahs, melons, chilies, morning glories, and bunches of different herbs.


The size of our garden is about 60 sqm and quite hot in summer.

One of my friends in Hoi An came to make a frame for me before the plants grow higher. It's made from some recycled fishnets and well adapted for the terrace. It's still open-air and keeps a panoramic view.


I like recycling ideas, that's why it doesn't cost much for me to collect pots and baskets to reuse.

The temperature these days has been crazily hot and I didn't have big trees and enough to protect all these plants. Luckily they still survive, but not growing. As a result, my garden after 4 weeks is pretty much the same.


This morning, there are some flowers blooming in my garden. They seem to be listening to my wishes every day. My magic phrases whenever I see them are "please grow" and now here you go ;) They've burnt out the process I guess, some of them still look like baby plants.


This is Vietnamese basils and some random flowers which I didn't plant on purpose.


Guess what? My cucumbers are starting the first blossoms and baby cucumbers in shapes now.


There are some fruits to collect as well. They are all organic.


My garden is a collection of international herbs which are well living in the pots and provide enough species for our daily use. I did cuttings for these herbs and slowly they spread out more and more. The aroma of basil, mints, and rosemary is so strong and fresh.


Italian basils




A lot of rosemaries, lemontrees, aloe vera, etc.

I really feel happy with my first experience in gardening, I still need to learn and put more effort into caring for them but not a bad result. In the end, I would like to invite my friends, @erinktran, @simple to join this happy challenge of @naturalmedicine.


Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy my garden 💚

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