Let's talk about smoke Weed and Meditation

Why everyone in Natural Medicine community I just joined Hive blockchain with my introduction post in WeedCash Network Here

Let’s talk about smoke a joint and do meditation

I love to meditate when I smoke.
Just by simply following those 2 steps.

1. Following/observing my breath

Trying to breathe as slowly as possible without hearing myself thru the process with complete awareness

2. I listen to the sound Om 417Hz Here

When I follow my breathe work I'm also trying to breathe with the OM sound, inhaling 1 Om and trying to exhale 1 Om till a point I'm able to do even breaths.
1 Full OM inhalation
1 Full OM exhale

  • If any thoughts are coming into your mind just leave them be.
  • Simply only think about the breathing!



I'll be happy to hear your experiences with Weed and Meditation down below in the comments.


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