Growing you own plant 🪴

Hey you there Hivers!

This year I’m gonna grow my own medicine plant 🪴
I’ve got a feminized seed from internet.
I just hope I plant them on time…
I started them at the middle of May for Europe climate.
So I still got 5 months by October and I hope to get a good harvest.
It’s my first time trying to grow my own medicine.


I got just 3 seeds.
So those gonna be 3 plants.
At the begging I was planing to grow only one of them for this year, and the other 2 to leave for the next one.
So I started with 1 seed.
Maybe I made a mistake putting it in a soil and a napkin on the bottom so I can maintain humid conditions.
I kept it for 3-5 days but the seed didn’t start a growth process.


Then I decided to put the other 2 just in a napkin with water 💧
Of course I put the first one as well.
For my surprise all of them started growth process.
So now there are going to be 3 plants 🌱
For the first one that I had in the soil before that it took maybe a day more to start growing, but it still started the process.


They have to be put first in a wet napkin for sure.


If anyone is looking for seeds just check on the website.
They have very fast delivery 🚚


Lovely plants of course I think if you dedicate your time and energy into a plant it can give you a good harvest.
So looking forward to the summer to see how they gonna grow.

Unfortunately I’m going to grow them outdoor because I don’t have a conditions to do it inside.

  • The seeds I bought are for indoor growing on lamps, because at the time of my purchase they didn’t have any for an outdoor growth.

But yet again:
Give him love, time and good energy and it has to reward you with a good harvest.


I’ll try to keep you posted on the process of growing.

In my next post I’m planing to share about another one of my project that I have tried but it didn’t start at all.

What nature has giving us no one can judge!
The creator of the matrix has giving us everything we need to enlighten ourself one way or another.
All we have to do is just listen to our inner voice and what is telling us.

Enjoy life!

Namaste 🙏

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