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Dear Natural Medicine Community. Below i share with you some information which could prove to be very valuable for your life if you choose to dive in deep and learn from it.

I think it's very important to know what is truthful before sharing it with others, otherwise what we share could have a negative effect upon those with whom we share. I am quite confident that what i share below is relatively true, but don't take my word for it, please research for yourself to find your own truth.

I just finished writing a comment about Truth, Relative truth and Holistic Dentistry in reply to a new Hive users intro. post. I think it will be valuable to get more exposure by sharing it here in the Natural Medicine Community. Originally posted (and now edited below) here: @atma.love/re-fabiana01-2021911t141318227z

In my opinion, based on my person experience over the last 16 years (since i began to "wake up") and the teachings of many "spiritual masters" whose books i have read, audios listened to and videos watched, silent retreats attended, etc, the most important thing for us human beings is to experientially realise (real-eyes) that this life on earth is a game (or put another way, life is more like a movie, a secondary reality). The real reality is just One. The One true self. There is no-thing else. Everything we see, touch, hear, taste and smell is illusory. The mind interprets the input from the five senses and creates a story about it which we believe (unless our parents or peers are enlightened and teach us differently). I was "lucky" enough to discover some information (a podcast called The Human Source Code, based on The Work of Byron Katie)
dscn7523.jpg which helped me begin to understand some if these truths in a logical and take me beyond mind.

So, at all times (whenever we re-member), it is vital to view this dream/movie/game from the perspective of the One True Self, viewing this body (the one which we mostly experience life through) and all the other bodies, animals, rocks and trees etc. as illusory objects and characters in the game.

I liked it a lot because this way you can impart learning and knowledge to other people - @fabiana01

So, it is therefore super important that we are very careful what we share or try to teach others, as if what we are sharing is not absolute truth, or relative truth but coming from ego & not for the highest good, and we do not consecrate before sharing, we create karma. When we create karma (either "good" or "bad" karma - actually there is no good or bad) then we lock ourselves into the cycle of birth and rebirth (dying in one movie, then being reborn as a different character in a different move) and continue to suffer.

Having said this, while we are experiencing this life in these human bodies as being apparently real, we need to act in the play. We see others (who are actually just other characters in the movie - reflections of our mind - our mind being the projector of the movie) and think they are suffering and need our help. Actually they are more like mirrors showing us the suffering parts of our own dream character to help us wake up from the dream movie.

If/when we are able to experience life from this perspective, and become content with all that appears to be happening (knowing it is all part of the game of life and is all perfectly balanced despite how it may seem), then we are much more able to share what is relatively true without harming others. I say relatively true, as if we are sharing about things in the movie (as opposed to sharing about the "higher" perspective - from the perspective of the One True Self) then it is only true in the dream.

There's a lot to take in there. I hope i've not blown your mind :-). But there is more:

I am a student of Dentistry, therefore I love and I am passionate about everything that has to do with oral health - @fabiana01

Over the last 12 years or so i have been researching and applying what i have learned in regard to holistic heath. I have learned that the dental industry is as corrupt if not more corrupt than the rest of the medical industry. I wrote a little about the medical industry in this post yesterday: /@atma.love/chlorine-dioxide-cures-symptoms-known as COVID

As you are a dentistry student, and wish to share knowledge with others, it is super important that you learn the (relative) truth about dentistry. Conventional dentistry for example is one of the causes of MS, Lupus, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

I therefore in-courage you to research the following:

Dr. Hal Huggins was a pioneer of holistic dentistry but his work was heavily suppressed by the dental industry and The Powers that Shouldn't Be: https://hugginsappliedhealing.com/about-dr-huggins/

Hal Alan Huggins was an American alternative dentistry advocate and campaigner against the use of dental amalgam fillings and other dental therapies that he believed to be unsafe. - Source - Wikipedia

Some information re. dentistry here from Walter Last

A very useful website here dedicated to holistic dentistry: https://www.healingteethnaturally.com/

After learning about the dental mafia industry 12 years ago i stopped going to the dentist. Over the years quite a few of my amalgram fillings have dropped out and the remains of those teeth have broken away. Having said that, despite missing some teeth i am still able to chew food quite well and in my opinion i now have excellent dental health. Virtually every day i do "Urine pulling" https://www.healingteethnaturally.com/urine-therapy-teeth-gum-problems.html, which is basically swishing a little of my first morning urine in my mouth for 15 minutes. Find out more about the amazing health benefits of urine therapy here: https://www.health-science-spirit.com/Healing_the_Body/Urine-and-Urea-Therapy.html

Other options if you are too squeamish to try urine pulling (although personally due to the amazing health benefits of urine therapy i think it is the best option), you could try Oil Pulling https://www.healingteethnaturally.com/oil-pulling-dental-healer.html or Water pulling https://www.healingteethnaturally.com/water-pulling-vs-oil-pulling.html

After this i brush my teeth with my own home made healing tooth powder (as virtually all commercial toothpastes are harmful for health). Here is my natural toothpaste recipe, easy and cheap to make: @atma.love/1tablespoonbentoniteclay1-04453338715227x21337304s35ey1p47?ref=atma.love

Apart from eating healthily and occasionally using a water-toothpick, this is virtually all that is needed for good oral health.

I hope you choose to make the effort and time to study the above, and it inspires you to perhaps become a holistic dental coach, sharing truth which will be extremely valuable to those with whom you share it. You may even choose to dive deeper into holistic health in general. I would be happy to coach you in this endeavour if you wish. Just let me know.

Sat Nam

All images taken by me using Redmi Note 9 Plus.

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