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Hello Dear friends.

Recently, in response to a friend telling me about a health issue, i asked if she would like me to offer some guidance, and received an affirmative answer. It took me about an hour to compose a reply. I thought i would share my reply here as the guidance i offer refers to any condition, not just the specific condition my friend has.

I hope you find this helpful. I would be happy (if you like what you find here) if you can upvote, and resteem and even externally share to other networks). I would also be very happy to receive feedback or questions in the comments.


Dear Xxxxxxxx

I am not a medical doctor and do not offer medical advice, but instead provide information and suggest ways in which you can learn to heal yourself by experimenting with "natural" healing modalities, thereby learning to "heal" yourself. The root of the word doctor, is teacher, so perhaps in that respect i can be a doctor.

Although i do offer advice on physical modalities to heal the physical body, a pre-cursor to all of those is this:

There is actually nothing wrong with you. You are perfect just as you are, even with some bodily symptoms appearing to be "wrong".
I have the utmost faith that by integrating unintegrated emotions, no longer believing in the false sense of i, communing with the one true self, by the grace of "god" (true self), all dis-ease will dissapear.

Having said that, whilst we are still apparently in these bodoes, we can play a game, a healthy game, and detoxify the body (and mind), and feed them with more pure, more alive apparent things, thereby helping us to reach that self-realised communion with self. So, let's dance and sing every day and not take anything too seriously. :-)

If choosing to practice some physical healing modalities, in my opinion it is essential, and of the highest priority to also use an "emotional integration" process of some sort, to avoid suppressing unintegrated emotions even further, thus causing even more dis-ease. You likely already have your own practice for this. I nearly always recommend The Presence Process by Michael Brown, which is a self-facilitated emotional integration journey with full instruction contained in his book of the same name. It takes very little time to do this. You can find it here: https://amzn.to/2NAoI7n If you cannot afford to buy, send me a message and i'll help you find a way.

A little background on my holistic health experience:

I first started to learn about how the medical, food, education anf government mafias were making us sick, and how we can step away from thier systems and look after our own health, in January 2008 when i began a 3 month yoga teacher training. There i learned about healing through meditation and asana (meditation in yoga poses), macrobiotics, fasting, colon cleansing (with a yogic technique called Shanka Prakshlana), urine therapy, yoga for the eyes, and more. I began practicing some of these myself, but not on a regular basis.

In 2009 a friend was diagnosed with cancer so i began extensive research into holistic healing. I won't go into all the details, but i discovered that the medical / pharmaceutical industries are in business to make money and NOT to care for the health of the people, and that virtually always the treatment they give is harmful to health, leading either quickly or slowly to death .

*The theory, first hand experiences and overwhelming anecdotal evidence I have since seen have now convinced me that a good balanced holistic healing protocol is always good for health, extending life and reversing virtually all physical, mental and emotional disease - as long as the person is open to all possibilities and is willing and able to do what is needed (which is by far from always the case). *

In January 2012 i did a 41 day water fast (with some additions like ginger juice, lemon juice, a little honey, radish juice and others, but no solid food) with a healer in the jungle in Yucatan Mexico, combined with colon cleansing, meditation, yoga and sun-gazing. I was flooded with inspired ideas and decided to open a "healing community". In May 2012 i took a 5 day MMS training, qualifying as a Minister of Health for the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

In October 2012 I opened The Sanctuary, a "healing retreat centre". I ran this in residence for 4 years before leaving for Europe, and shortly thereafter decided not to return, eventually closing it officially in October 2017. During my time at The Sanctuary i received i dont know how many guests, perhaps 6-700 and in some ways i helped most of them with the knowledge i shared and the space i provided. The Sanctuary, it's staff and visiting teachers/healers provided guests with many virtually free healing modalities (and some more costly) such as, water and juice fasts, vegan high raw diet, supplementing with Borax and Magnesium, far infra-red sauna, colon cleansing, MMS cleansing, dry skin brushing, oil pulling, daily meditation, hatha and kundalini yoga, communal meals with "emotional sharing", sharing circles, tibetan bowl meditations, breathwork, ecstatic dance, Rolfing, Tui Na bodywork, Radical Forgiveness and The Presence Process, to name but a few.

If you decide to choose for me to "coach" you to reverse any dis-ease you are experiencing, we can move forward in two ways.

a) I offer suggestions (updatied on an ongoing basis depending upon your feedback), for a personalised holistic healing protocol for you to follow, with some links to info. which you can optionally investigate. This way to some extent you would be putting your faith in my advice and minimising your need to research deeply.


b) I provide material for you to research more deeply before you decide what to do, effectively designing your own protocol. I can of course still offer advice and feedback on that.

I realise you are talking about a lesion rather than a tumor, but they are not so different.

"We need to consider these aspects regarding cancer tumors:

  • Tumors are not really your enemy.
    Tumors actually help remove toxins from your body.
    The body made the tumor in the first place, so if we give the body the right “tools” it will also remove the tumor.
    What dietary and lifestyle changes could be helpful in assisting our body to cause tumors to disintegrate naturally?*

Our bodies are well designed and believe it or not, the body produced the tumor to act much like a “septic tank” or detoxification factory that absorbs surplus toxins, keeping them out of general circulation where they could do more harm. Tumors help your body expel poisons, therefore there is normally no big rush to cut it out unless the tumor is causing a life-threatening situation." Source: https://www.cancertutor.com/budwig-explains-how-to-view-cancer-tumors/

Assuming you choose for me act as coach you, and you choose option a), my initial suggestions would be for you to start with what you have already at your disposal. One thing you have for sure is urine, often dubbed The Perfect Medicine. Urine therapy invloves drinking urine (in very small, even homeopathic doses to begin with until you get used to it), rubbing it on the skin (and hair) and "urine packs" on skin wounds/lesions. This article will give you some detailed information and instructions. It's a fairly quick read. https://health-science-spirit.com/urine.html

Alongside this i suggest you begin (if you are not already) to eat very healthily, cutting out meat, dairy, sugars and processed foods. Eat salads, raw fruit and vegetables, small quantities of nuts and seeds (soaking and rinsing them first). Keep cooked food to a minimum if you feel you really need to eat cooked food. I can advise more on this as time goes on.

I also suggest you order the following:

*1. Borax (not borax substitute)

  1. Magnesium Chloride Flakes.
  2. Bentonite clay (to apply as a "mud pack" to the lesion to draw out the accumulation of toxins)
    All should be 100% pure, nothing added - check with me before placing the order so i can check its ok.*

1 kg of each is the most economical way. This will be plenty for a long time (or to share with friends).

I recently bought
Magnesium Chloride Zechstein sourced Flakes - Ultra pure superior product.
1kg of Magnesium for GBP9.25
and 2 kgs of Borax, Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate, 99.9% Pure, for GBP11.78

4. An 1 or 2 litre enema kit. Something like this is good https://www.amazon.com/Flents-Combination-Douche-Enema-Kit/dp/B01N4V67AR/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=enema+pot&qid=1579635753&sr=8-7


You may find some of these locally at a pharmacy, but our governments do thier best to make them illegal, so Borax may be difficult to find locally.

You can read about Borax here: https://www.health-science-spirit.com/borax.htm
and about Magnesium here: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/magnesium-deficiency-symptoms-and-diagnosis

If you do choose to proceed with the medical route, you can still choose to do some of the above to minimise the damage. I will respect your decision either way. I urge you however before going that route to go to this site first: www.cancertutor.com/start-here/

So, thats it for now. Let me know your thoughts.

Con amor

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