The Journey of Finding the Best Version of Ourselves

If you don't feel hurt on the outside but the pain is excruciating, try looking inside yourself. Have you made peace with yourself?


I've always wondered, are women more worried about themselves, struggling with anxiety, and trying to make themselves mentally fine? Women find it harder to ignore anything and make them vulnerable to being led emotionally. It actually attacks their own minds.

I don't know what happened to the man. Maybe they can calm down and control themselves more, or are they slowly falling apart from within? Who knows?

Messy, often seeing that life is unfair because it makes you a mess. Has it ever been? Which would you choose, never being a mess, and never finding the best version of yourself, or just being a mess and then finding your best version of yourself?

What does it feel like to explode like you're exhausted, empty, and not finding anything you can save? I know, it feels like you want to end your own life, but you're too cowardly to do it with your hands.

I'm not a person who never wants to commit suicide. But I got through it all. Making peace with yourself is best the cure, ever.


Other people can easily pull you down, but only you have the control to keep yourself calm and focus on moving forward.

Getting angry with yourself, feeling useless, or feeling that you are never special compared to others, it's not an option. There will always be a bad side to show if you can't control your overthinking. Accepting yourself, making peace with yourself, that's the best medicine to heal the wounds you feel.

When you have made peace with yourself, at that point you are ready to move forward again to achieve what you have to achieve. To meet the best version of yourself out there.

When you walk to different places, stop by and meet new people, not all of them will find you valuable. Most of them will probably think you are trash. It's not that you don't have values, it's just that they can't see the best in you. They don't even know what diamonds are like, because their minds only know about trash. That's when you have to go, find something and a new place that really understands your worth.


You have the responsibility to maintain your best values. There are times when you realize that you have to grow better. Get out of your safety zone, and make sacrifices to learn how to live, to achieve the best.

If what you dream of is very different from someone else's dream, then you have to do something very different to achieve it. You have to be strong enough to do things that other people are not strong enough to do. Are you ready to take a different journey to become the best version of your very special self?


This writing is inspired by my daily life when I process many things. I wanted to take note of it all and maybe it's worth reading for you guys. Who knows. :)



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