Open Your Eyes and Accept Your World


The sooner we realize and accept something, the faster we will find solutions and create happiness as soon as possible. Sometimes we forget about this. Including me who often forget to apply this in my life.

So yesterday I was lying in bed covering my eyes with my arm. So I remember again about rejection and acceptance in this life.

That's how our minds work. So great is our mind, the mind can make things that do not really look real and slowly torture ourselves.



Have you ever reset your mind? It's like turning off the phone when it error and turning it back on. There is a lot of chaos and mental pain that is caused by our own treatment.

Excessive fear, including creating denials of reality, then wishing today's reality never happened. Your mind gets busy wasting energy on something that is just twirling you in place. In vain, and increasingly eludes you to find a solution, find peace and happiness in your life.

When your mind creates a maze that misleads you with so many negative things, then creates anxiety and mental health decline, it means it's time for you to reset your mind.


When resetting the mind, you have to get out of your comfortable place. You can start meeting new people, or certain groups in your environment who have a positive influence on life and especially your life. You can also read books or videos related to the problems you are facing. That way, you can have a new perspective that will be very useful to get rid of your old negative thoughts.

You need to do to change the things around you when you reset your mind for the better. You will not heal yourself and mentally if you are not at all open to new things.



How many of us fail to enjoy life simply because we are overshadowed by the past and even afraid of the future? We need to live in the present and be truly aware of the present time.

Come out, enjoy the outside world. Then slowly invite your mind to dialogue. This is reality, this is life to be faced. Not to put off for tomorrow or reflect on the past.


Do not be afraid. It's normal at first you feel not okay when you realize your life is not okay. Life is all about how we react to events that occur. So you have to train yourself to stay calm and feel fine, even though the reality in front of you is not okay.

The more you quickly realize how painful your reality is, and you accept it, the faster you will heal, find peace, and create happiness for yourself, and give yourself the best of love.


Remember one thing, to be healed, you must be aware that you are sick. People who are sick, then pretend not to be sick and instead run away from reality, it will only make things worse. Instead, accept the pain and find a solution instead of running away.

Stay blessed today, friends.

This writing is inspired by my daily life when I process many things. I wanted to take note of it all and maybe it's worth reading for you guys. Who knows. :)



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Anggrek Lestari

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