Do You Want To Separate Sadness From Happiness?

When you feel lost, it doesn't mean your life is over. It was just bad timing. Not your whole life.



Do you want to separate sadness from happiness? That won't be possible. It's like two sides of a coin that have only different sides, like day and night. That's how life gives us a way to learn to understand how joy can never feel happy until we recognize sadness.

Happy people don't mean those who never feel sad. Precisely the happy people are the ones who hurt the most, yet they manage to walk out of the wound. Happy people manage to enjoy sadness as part of the art of life that cannot be separated from the essence of happiness itself.

If we could possibly remove sorrow and suffering from this world, we might as well be bored. We will never think of happiness as something special. Because we never go through various emotional and spiritual lessons when sadness and misery strike us.

I know, you just hate the pain and loneliness that strikes when you're in sorrow and misery. No one can ever truly understand your pain other than yourself. But don't be angry. In fact, we are only humans who are lost in the forest of life. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy life. Maybe behind the silence of the forest of life, you will learn to become an expert in something that you can never do when you are no longer lost in the forest of life.



Maybe, you miss an existence that is illuminated by your high value of existence in the eyes of society. The fact is that you are lost among the thick trees searching for your own identity. Make longing your encouragement to seek whatever you have to find in your goal.

In forests that are only covered in darkness, cold, lonely, maybe even starving. You will learn to endure, even on your last hope that is only left in your breath.


The thing that makes you feel even more miserable even though it's actually less painful than others, it's your focus that doesn't let you see the other side to move your sadness even a little.

Change your focus. Don't be led by sadness and feel that you are the most suffering person in this world. I know you just want to feel cared for. But the painful fact is that people can never really pay attention to you, other than yourself. So learn to look for things that are worth enjoying while you are sad, maybe it is the beginning of your new happiness. Who knows. :)


You will be beautiful in your time.

This writing is inspired by my daily life when I process many things. I wanted to take note of it all and maybe it's worth reading for you guys. Who knows. :)

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