7 Ways To Be Naturally Healthier Every Day

In this article I will share with you 7 ways we can support our immune systems, and be naturally healthier every day. Diet and exercise is a great place to start when it comes to supporting our natural immune systems. But in my opinion, it is a starting point, and there is a lot more we can do.

By practicing these small healthy habits, you will make a big impact on your lifestyle. That’s really what this is all about anyways – a healthy lifestyle equals a healthy immune system.

Our boys recently got sick, and I was feeling lousy for a few days, too. It doesn’t happen very often, and when it does, it’s usually not too severe.

Never getting sick, isn’t the goal.

Making healthy lifestyle choices, and welcoming new perspectives, is the goal.

7 Ways To Be Naturally Healthier Every Day


Have Faith

Trust that your body has what it needs to heal, when it is supported with a healthy lifestyle.

For me, having faith is more than just trusting my body. It is trusting in God as well.

I trust that we are able to heal, and that we aren’t totally helpless. I don’t fear getting sick, because I have faith that when we do get sick, our immune systems have what it takes to recover.


Go Outside

The healing thing about being outside is that you can really imagine your place in the world. When I’m outside with my boys, not only is it a time of connection with them, but it’s an opportunity to remind myself that I’m just here to be of service to this land, and the people near me. That’s where my efforts are really going to make a difference.

And when I simplify my thoughts to just that, I’m less stressed.

There’s a lot of maddness in the world. It’s so easy to get consumed by it. And we all know, that being consumed by madness is stressful and scary, and that will make you sick.

The sunshine and fresh air is also an obvious bonus for your immune system.


Connect To Your Food

Raise your own animals, grow a garden, forage for wild plants, go visit a farmer, or cook from scratch. Any effort to connect to your food will have a positive impact on your health.

Local, fresh food will be more nutritious, but perhaps what could be equally as important is the gratitude you will harvest. Try it – and if you simply cannot – you are welcome to live vicariously through me.

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Natural Remedies

Whenever I’m in need of a remedy, I try something natural before reaching for medicine. I’m not anti-medicine. I am very grateful to have access to medicine when I am actually in need. But for most of our concerns, removing inflammatory foods from our diet, and a traditional natural remedy, does the trick.

Here are a few natural remedies I will use before reaching for the medicine.

  • Coughing: Try a medicinal herbal tea such as Stinging Nettle or Peppermint, gargle with salt water, or apply essential oils, before reaching for the cold medications and syrups. (click here for wild tea ideas)
  • Eczema and Rashes: Try a simple homemade salve of shea butter, olive oil, beeswax and tea tree oil (click here for recipe), before reaching for the steroid and antibiotic creams.
  • Mild Headaches: Try a large glass of water, gentle neck and shoulder stretches, a peaceful walk in the sunshine, a nap, and peppermint oil, before reaching for the pain killers.


Tidy Up

I feel like I can’t tell you to tidy up, without mentioning Jordan Petterson. His book, 12 Rules for Life, goes into detail about the importance of getting your home in order before you attempt creating order outside of the home. (get Jordan’s book)

Little habits like making your bed in the morning, or making sure the kitchen is clean at the end of the day will support your natural immune system. When your home is tidy, you will be less stressed.

Again – stress is bad for the immune system, so take action in your home!


Prioritize Sleep

There is so much information available about the importance of sleep. In my opinion, sleep should be as popular and cool as diet and exercise. It is the first type of book I recommend (like this one) to new moms. A well rested child makes motherhood a lot more enjoyable, and we all deserve to feel healthy and happy.

Sleep is an essential function, and if we neglect to get enough of it, our immune system will suffer. (view source)

Having a bedtime routine, for you, and your kids, is a great way to start prioritizing sleep. Our boys start getting ready for bed at 6pm. We brush our teeth, have a bath, read, visit about the day, and off to sleep by 7pm. Then Jon and I are able to spend some time together and prepare ourselves for a good night sleep, too.


Read Something Inspiring

It sounds little strange to say that reading can support our natural immune systems. But, don’t you think we’d all be less stressed – therefore healthier – if we knew what our life’s purpose was? We’d feel creative and hopeful and secure. So, perhaps if we read something that inspires us every day, we will get a little closer to knowing what our purpose is.

What inspires you? Autobiographies? Spiritual texts? Bio hacking? How about a book about the effects of microwaves and the artificial blue light spectrum?

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Now, the trendy thing to do would be to end this article with “be safe”. But, I’m starting to get rather annoyed with hearing that. “Be safe” implies that there is danger, and that makes us fearful. My health isn’t what I fear…

“Be safe” from propaganda, and keep on living a healthy lifestyle that will support your natural immune system.

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