3 Benefits of Moringa Oliefera Leaves | CURING EYES, STROKE, AND IMMUNITY (based on experiences)

Hi everybody. I hope you all in the health condition.

You might have many ways to be healthy. One of the good way is to consume the natural foods.

In term of joining #lotusindonesia contest, I would like to share you a little bit experience about a super food, called Moringa Oliefera. I try to cover with three benefits based on experiences.


Last week I met a journalist. He come to my place to find out about our activity regarding Moringa. He interviewed our leader. Two days later he send the article from that meeting.

You could access it here

He mentioned in the title "million of benefits of Moringa". I agree with it. Here is the proves.

Recovering myopic eyes

This benefit experienced by my teacher. She told me that two years ago she consistently consumed Moringa tea. The tea is made by drying it without direct sunlight.

Moringa Tea | image by: @abdulhamids

She consumed it for three months. Eventually, she felt better especially for her eyes. Truely, she did not consumed it deliberately to cure her eyes.

Until now she still feels good. Moringa tea becomes the primary beverage for her to cure immune of body.

Healing stroke

A year ago I went to a house. It is around 400 meters from my residence. I met a person who ails stroke. However, when I arrive to his home he does not looked sick.

Still, his right hand could not be moved freely. It looked quite faint. Moreover, his mouth also could not be active.

He told me that he consume Moringa leaves during the illness comes. That deases came a two years ago. He was treated in hospital for 6 months. However, his condition did not change significantly.

His neighbour then suggested him to consume moringa leaves. He tried it and could feel the benefit after a month with consuming consistently.

The leaves was cooked becoming a soup or "sayur bening" (vegetable boiled with no mixing any flavour). He consumed it two times in a day, in the morning and evening.

Now, he still consumes it. The condition of his body is slowly better. Compared to his friend who ailed the same illness but did not consume it, he passed away.

Moringa Leaves as a vegetable | Image by: @abdulhamids for Odesa Indonesia.

Reinforcing immunity

Based on my experience, Moringa truly great for immunity. If I consume it, I feel my body OK even in a hectic time. It makes me not easy to tire and makes my rest better.

Moringa leaves harvested for making tea | image by: @abdulhamids for Odesa Indonesia.

I usually consume it as a tea or vegetable.


That's a little bit experience about the beneficial of Moringa oliefera. Do you have any impression about it? Feel free to comment below!

Thank you for making this contest @naturalmedicine @lotusindonesia

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