Photography on film - wilderness of Ethiopia (For the Analog Photography community).

Hello here. I took some pause with my activity in this community and in the whole Hive social. I needed this pause a short vacation from everything, to take fresh air and to concentrate on the real-life around me.

These frames I photographed in Ethiopia with the bulky Hasselblad 500cm. This camera is awesome but not really suitable for far trips, but despite the weight of the last, I enjoyed exposing a few rolls of black and white film.

It was the last roll of the discontinued already Fuji Acros Neopan 100 mark i. Photographed somewhere between Gondar and Sudan border.




Hasselblad 500cm
Distagon 40/4
Fuji Acros Neopan 100
Kodak d-76 developer.


Here we go. I just created this Analog (FILM) Photog. I'm still learning the community managing process, so please be patient. And we also need your help - so don't hesitate to join even if you don't use any analog camera. Sure you will find some special stuff photographed by amazing photographers with their Film cameras.

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