Photography on film - rainy Jerusalem ii (For the Analog Photography community).

I continue the series of photographs I took during one of my hundreds of Jerusalem visits. At the end of this walk, I went to one of the local pubs to warm myself with a good Jerusalem-made made Shapiro Pale Ale beer and also a nice conversation with the regulars of this place. If you in Jerusalem - go to Sira pub that is opened also during the days when everything around is closed.





Ricoh GR1s
Ilford HP5
Rodinal 100:1 semi-stand developing process.

Ricoh GR1s.jpg

Here we go. I just created this Analog (FILM) Photog. I'm still learning the community managing process, so please be patient. And we also need your help - so don't hesitate to join even if you don't use any analog camera. Sure you will find some special stuff photographed by amazing photographers with their Film cameras.

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