The revolog colorshift film – every frame a surprise

A few years back I got an expired revolog color shift film and I loaded it into my Nikon FE2 to immediately test it out. I was surprised how tweaked the colors got and it would be lovely to know more about the chemistry behind this film roll.

The quality of the scans is not that superb, since i used my own cheap frame by frame film scanner. If my hive career goes good I will buy myself a professional scanner for photo scanning purposes.

I used different lenses ranging from the 50mm 1.4 to a 135mm 2.8 all by Nikon
and there might be some pics taken with the tamron 100-300 5.6 but I am not sure :)

The woman on the pictures is a new member of hive and last but not least the love of my life, I really would appreciate it if you show her some love and check out her cool art! She will be dropping her NFTs on @nftshowroom soon.

You find her blog here:





I hope you like the outcome and I wish you a nice start into this short week :)

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