Polaroid diaries #3



This is actress Christine Winter on Gaisberg in Salzburg.
There is a whole digital series with her and I shared some pictures on hive already. Go for a dig I cant find it right now!

It was still winter and a very cold and windy day. You can see it in picture 1.
Christine and I worked together on stage when I was still pursuing a career as an actor.
Since then we worked together on several movie projects and also did a lot of photography. I will share more pictures in other photo communities.

I shot with the Polaroid 645 Supercolor on expired BW film

The second picture was taken with the Polaroid Land 1000 (the one with the red button)
The film was also expired BW SX70 film.

Both films where from a test bulk of the early polaroid originals then called Impossible Project.

I like both cameras and I still use them from time to time. But it is a very expensive hobby.

I hope to be able to get some film for a bargain I am always on the lookout.
So if you know of some treasure buried somewhere gimme a shout in the comments.

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