Polaroid diaries – 1 random instant photo from my huge collection


Dear analog photo community, I decided that every now and then I will post a polaroid or two, or an instax mini photo. Since every picture has a story I will always try to give you some interesting insights on how the photo was made.

As you all know from a previous post I have a love and hate relationship, with instant photography.

First of all I think it is something really cool to have especially if it is an old classy camera.
Second in my opinion there is nothing more magical than to see the chemistry doing its awesome work and seeing the picture appear out of nothing on the film.
3rd: every picture you take is a one time thing. There is no reproduction it is a unique print just like a single edition NFT.

it is hard to get the adjustments right if you can make any
it is freaking expensive to buy a film every frame costs you about 2-3€ even if you find a cheaper film
expired film is mostly crap you have to get really lucky to get a functioning old polaroid film
it is expensive, it costs a lot of money and if you fuck up the photo you only see it about 10-15 minutes later.
except the SX70 (the cool foldable one) every polaroid has a different viewfinder and what you see is not what you get. There is some tricks on how to predict what your frame is going to be. But lets say do not trust the viewfinder because it will be slightly off frame...

This particular picture shows the model Luisa you can find her insta HERE
Luisa and I where shooting one of my very first collaborations with a professional model. This was already after we finished the shoot and where walking back to my studio. I remebered that I had the Polaroid Supercolor in my bag. I only had tested it with an expired film to check functionality but had not taken a picture with the new film inside.

So we stopped for a brief moment at a green field of grass and flowers. It was broad daylight but you can hardly see the background. This is due to the flash but there is just no way to regulate it and your object will almost always be overexposed if you stand to close. You can also see at the bottom of the picture that something went wrong at the end where the chemicals get pushed out of the pouches. It also could be a malfunction of the rollers pushing the film through. I have not found another polaroid from that camera yet but I recon that all the other prints coming out had a similar mistake.

I hope you like the idea of me showing you my polaroid pictures this way. It would be a waste to let them collect dust on a shelf without showing them around. This community is the best place for these pictures.

Let me know what you think in the comments and also hit that follow button so you don´t miss out on any of my posts!

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