Polaroid Cameras – a love and hate relationship

I have a condition, if I see a functioning POLAROID camera I have to buy it. Of course I do not buy all of the Polaroids I would like to (that would just ruin me financially) I already spent a decent amount on these fine pieces. But the most expensive part of the game is buying the instant film. It is really not a cheap hobby but it is a nice one! You can see the magic happen :)

Since a few months I made it my goal to buy and resell old cameras as a side hustle. I am all about generating new income streams and since I know a little bit about cams I feel confident that I will have some level of success. I am taking it slow though.

But I have a decent collection of mainly functioning polaroid cameras and I have a bunch of expired film as well.
I will show you here a random collection of POLAROIDS and POLAROID cameras. I hope. this still fits in the Analog (Film) community. After all instant film is a film too :)
If anyone wants to get themselves a cam like this well here is the deal:

Click on the link below and have a look at this super nice stylish piece.
This is the first time I digitalized a real world asset as an NFT. On purchase you will have proof of ownership of the camera. The shipping costs are not included in the price since it depends where the package has to go. It is fully functional and you can get yourself instant film from polaroid originals website.




I hope you enjoyed this little journey in the world of instant film.

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