Behind the scenes– analog photographs from digital productions

I am in love with film photography, so as often as possible I take my analog gear to film sets I work on. This collection is made with various cameras and I will try to point out what film I used if I can remember.

I should have started a list with roll numbers and gear used but I am a lazy son of a Leica.

So without further ado lets start this. This is Nikon FE2 and On ORWO or FUJI BNW Film


This is on set of Portaled Episode 1 taken with ORWO NP15 and NIKON
actress Angelina Kamp and actor Jan Krawczyk in a short break between takes


On the Music Video shoot of Esther Graf for Obscura production company
Canon T50 Kodak Tmax Pro


same camera fuji color film


Nikon FE2 kodak tmax pro on the shoot for Paracelsus Medical University

Note these pictures have been published on social media by these companies , I and only I own the rights to these pictures, if you would like to use one of these pictures please contact me first!

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