Shooting in an abandoned house

These photos were taken in an abandoned house in the city of Santa Bárbara D'Oeste, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

They are also part of the Agonia photo essay, which you can see another part of in this previous post here in the community.

On this day I made pictures with the digital camera and also with the analogical one, a Pentax K-1000.

Although I really like the digital pictures made on this occasion, it is the analog ones that steal my heart. Even though the photos are already many years old, they still make me proud.

My idea was to give a blurry and out of focus look to the images, to match the abandoned house scenery and to reflect a little of the character's agony, represented by the model Elisa Campos. I hope you like it.

I still have more pictures from this day to post here, but I will do it in a future post.





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